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    NCDMB, STOILIC Shipping Collaborate To Enroll 10 Cadets For Sea-Time, COC Training

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    Aug 22, 2023

    Sitting from left, Supervisor, Human Capital Development,
    (NCDMB), Sallahudeen Muhammad, General Manager, Operations, Stoilic Shipping Limited, Mrs Irene Mcfoy, Manager, Human Capital Development, (NCDMB), Timbiri Augustine, General Manager, Administration, Stoilic Shipping Limited Chinamanda Mcfoy, Managing Director, Stoilic Shipping Limited, Lotanna and Beneficiaries during the opening ceremony of the seatime training certificate of competency (COC) by stoilic shipping limited
    awarded by NCDMB for seafarers, in Lagos, on Tuesday.

    The Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), Engr. Simbi Wabote, has expressed praise for Stoilic Shipping Limited’s dedication to enhancing indigenous capacity within the Nigerian maritime sector.

    He emphasized that the collaboration between these two entities is poised to propel the Nigerian maritime industry toward further advancement.

    Speaking during the joint commencement of a comprehensive scholarship-based sea-time training for 10 cadets in Lagos, Wabote reaffirmed the Board’s resolute commitment to nurturing capacity within the Maritime Industry. He underscored the Board’s earnest approach to training, acknowledging that maritime education demands significant resources and necessitates the unwavering commitment of all parties involved.

    Represented by Mr. Timbiri Augustine, the Board’s Manager of Human and Capital Development, the Executive Secretary advised the trainees that their conduct during the training holds substantial implications for the nation. He urged them to remain focused and undistracted, highlighting that they might encounter challenges such as inclement weather, unfamiliar surroundings, and language barriers throughout their learning journey.

    According to him, “We are building capacity and capability, but we are not limiting the utilization of this capacity to the Nigerian maritime and oil gas industry. The training is the type that will take you to other countries and different ports and therefore commitment is very critical, because the standard in view is a global factor, not Nigerian factor.”

    Expanding on his point, he lauded Stoilic Shipping for their unwavering dedication to the program and reiterated the Board’s strong commitment to maintaining the partnership.

    In her role, Mrs. Irene McFoy, the Executive Director of Stoilic Shipping, encouraged the cadets to revolutionize the landscape of shipping companies’ reluctance to hire Nigerian seafarers by elevating the standards.

    She reassured the cadets that both the company and its technical partners would guide them through a series of comprehensive training modules and provide them with the opportunity to work aboard ocean-going vessels, where they must begin preparing for their Certificate of Competency (CoC).

    McFoy also implored the trainees to engage actively, cultivate humility, and absorb knowledge from their instructors. She emphasized the importance of adhering to safety protocols, regulations, and the ethical principles inherent in the maritime profession and their specific field.

    As a significant player in the private sector, McFoy expressed the company’s ambition to position Nigeria as a leading supplier of seafarers to the global maritime industry, drawing parallels to the Philippines, which derives a substantial 28 percent of its revenue from seafaring.

    Drawing from her past role overseeing cadet training at the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) before retirement, McFoy asserted that Nigeria possesses the capacity and intellect to match or surpass the Philippines in this regard.

    Acknowledging Nigeria’s coastal status and abundant human resources, McFoy commended NCDMB for the partnership and underscored that with proper guidance for these students, Nigeria can excel in the maritime sector.

    Furthermore, Mr. Lotanna, the Managing Director of Stoilic Shipping, urged the cadets to etch their names in history and never forget their roots. He motivated them not to succumb to discouragement or fatigue and to always keep in mind the many fellow graduates yearning for a similar opportunity.
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