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NCC Unveils ASPIRE 2024: A New Strategic Management Plan For Enhanced Performance

ByHybrid News

Apr 4, 2024

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has announced a significant update to its Strategic Management Plan (SMP), formerly known as the SMP 2014 – 2018, now rebranded and restructured as ASPIRE 2024. This move aims to guide the Commission in fulfilling its mandate, achieving its Vision, and delivering strategic results by the end of the plan in 2024.

ASPIRE 2024 represents the “Face” of the new NCC Strategic Management Plan 2020-2024, embodying the five strategic pillars of the SMP. ASPIRE stands for Advancement through Strategy, Professionalism, Innovation, Regulatory, and Excellence.

The updated plan aligns with the NCC’s revised Mission and Vision, in accordance with the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA), 2003. It reinforces the Commission’s Core Values as guiding principles that will shape its culture and facilitate the effective execution of the Plan.

In its internal and external analysis, the SMP 2020 – 2024 identifies key issues that must be addressed, including a stakeholder analysis to review needs and identify value propositions.

Furthermore, the SMP outlines desired outcomes, strategic objectives, initiatives, and actions to achieve these objectives. It also specifies key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of the Strategic Plan and the overall performance of the NCC as an organization.

The unveiling of ASPIRE 2024 signifies the NCC’s commitment to strategic excellence and continuous improvement in its operations, ensuring it remains at the forefront of regulatory leadership in Nigeria’s telecommunications sector.

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