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    NANA AISHA AWWAL ZUBAIRU GAMBO: NOWA President Urge Members To Be Support Systems,  Preaches Self Sufficiency

    The National President, Naval Officers Wives Association (NOWA), Nana Aisha Awwal Zubairu Gambo has urged members to be support systems at the home front. 

    According to the President, this will help members’ husbands who are soldiers, focus and excellently discharge their responsibility in ensuring maximum protection of lives and property. 

    Hajiya Nana Aisha Awwal Zubairu Gambo made the urge while speaking on how members of NOWA are coping with the home front said they can only contribute their quota in ensuring security by being a support system at the home front.

    “Yes, life as soldiers wife can be difficult because as you know, often times our husband are stationed or deployed for different missions. 

    “We are then responsible for a lot on the home front. Because of my upbringing, I learned to a be strong support system for my husband and my family.

    “I understood that part of being a military spouse requires being able to handle small responsibilities without having to always disturb your husband. 

    “My husband as the good man that he is takes very good care of his responsibilities and makes sure the kids don’t lack.

    “With my passion for supporting, I started a few home-based businesses. These home-based businesses started small and kept on growing and I learned important lessons.

    “My advice to my fellow soldiers’ wives is to ensure you try to be a support system for your husband and the family. 

    “Get engaged in work that can help reduce some of the smaller request on your husband so that he can be focused on the larger picture of protecting the country and providing for his family.” She said.

    NOWA President revealed that some officers have told her personally how they appreciate when their wives operate as a great support system. 

    She however emphasised on importance of self sufficiency adding that it is one of the legacies she intends leaving behind throughout her leadership as the NOWA President.

    “I have a strong belief in self-sufficiency and I have been preaching it to members because I understood the importance and how it helps with a family’s progress.

    “It is with this thought that about six months after taking the helm, I inaugurated a NOWA Skills Acquisition Centre at Navy Logistics Command, Oghara, Delta State. 

    “The centre targets officers and ratings wives and indigent women and offers free training in different business skills such as tailoring and baking. 

    “This and other centres will undeniably help to promote self-sufficiency in Naval officers’ wives as it will give them the necessary boost to start profitable businesses.” she said.

    Hajiya Nana Aisha Awwal Zubairu Gambo also acknowledged the importance of better welfare for Naval Officers to help keep them focus in discharging their duties. 

    “I understand the importance of the welfare of Naval Officers and their families from the long and blessed journey I have experienced with my husband in his career.

    “I understand the importance of a being a strong support system for my family because our military husbands are often away for work. 

    “Through this lens I have engaged a mental health and wellness organization to work with our members in 3 key areas: Capacity Building, Workshop and Awareness Events and Psychotherapy. 

    “The capacity building is designed to strengthen NOWA members in providing mental health support to their husbands/soldiers. 

    “The Workshop and Awareness focuses on stress management, work-life balance and the importance of mental wellbeing. 

    “The Psychotherapy focuses on creating a self-help support group for families of soldiers in the barracks as well as a crisis helpline for mental health and suicide emergencies. These programs have a direct impact on the soldiers and their family.” she added. 

    She also emphasised how NOWA is collaborating with NAVY on sensitization workshops to encourage officers to engage their spouses in some of their activities.

    “This especially has to do with appropriate documentation of Next of Kin to ensure that a proper transfer of benefits is bestowed onto the family in the unfortunate event of a loss of an officer.” She said.

    The President commended the efforts of all security agencies in the country and also advise that they synergise more to better provide security for the nation. 

    She said the current security situation of the country is a tough one but the security agencies are working hard to curb the actions of those who want to keep committing crimes against its citizens. 

    “I personally see the tireless efforts the Navy and other security agencies are putting forth. We at NOWA will continue to do what we can in supporting our husbands by being a strong support system mentally and physically and ensuring they are confident of the home front and allowing them be focused on the battle front.

    “NOWA has also contributed to encouraging synergy among the Nigerian Navy and other security agencies by always ensuring that it invites and sensitizes other security agencies to events and also get them involved in projects it embarks on for the betterment of the country.” she said. 

    We have read about your philanthropic activities, women empowerment and other selfless contributions to the development of humanity, we will like to know what inspires you to do all this?

    She said her mandate is to lead the Naval military officers’ wives as the National President and the core of it remains the betterment and enhancement of the organization by supporting the military wives whom their husbands are often absent on missions and stationed away from their homes. 

    “The support ranges from empowerment of women, personal development, financial support and many others.” she said.

    NOWA President said that her focus and passion has always been on sustainable development of the less privileged before she became the NOWA President. 

    Hajiya Nana Aisha Awwal Zubairu Gambo who was recently inducted into the United Nations Humanitarian Hall of Fame said she had taken pride in doing a lot of philanthropic activities.

    “I strongly believe if you are lucky to be blessed by God through hard work, it’s extremely important to give back to humanity. 

    “My vision is to be an inspiration to many people especially the young up-and-coming business women in our society and I believe by my actions, my stories and my work, it will help motivate and inspire them.” she said.

    She said her induction into the Humanitarian Hall of Fame meant a lot not because of the award itself but because it means the work she had been doing behind the scenes has been so impactful on so many lives that it spread wide enough to be recognized by the United Nations Economic and Social Council amongst others. 

    “With or without any awards, it’s in my heart to impact lives and I will continue to do so in any way I see possible. 

    “As for those who aspire to achieve this, I would advise you start from where you can in helping and impacting. 

    “It can be your neighborhood, your town or where you work. Just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and not because you want to be recognized. It is a beautiful thing to impact on the lives of others because it is what sustains humanity.” She said.

    Speaking to hybridnewsng.com on her experience so far, Hajiya Nana Aisha Awwal Zubairu Gambo said challenges come with growth in life and leadership positions.

    “It is important to understand that from the onset. Having such a mindset will allow you to not be overwhelmed and to properly deal with them as it arises. Some of the challenges I have faced since I assumed duty are in some of the audacious projects we have embarked on such as the 500-bed capacity green smart hospital. 

    “We were working against time and we needed secure a land in a prompt manner. Unfortunately, our first land wasn’t big enough for the impactful project but with the consistent efforts, encouragement and persevered dialogue we were able to overcome it with the support of our stakeholders.” she said.

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