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NAF Fighter Jets Bombed Shrige, “Nigerian” Terrorist Leader Behind Attacks In Zamfara/Katsina

ByHybrid News

Jul 16, 2022

Fighter jets from the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) have struck Maliki Shrige’s hideout in the South Jaja hamlet in Zamfara State’s Zurmi local government area. Shrige is a known armed bandit from Nigeria.

The military airstrikes also killed a large number of his armed followers who were escaping in nearby settlements.

When actionable intelligence revealed the specific whereabouts of the sought bandit kingpin Shrige and his associates before to the precision bombings, they met their demise.

According to Hybrid News’ investigation, Shrige is the terrorist organization’s point man for attacks on bordering towns in the Zamfara and Katsina States.

According to a military intelligence agent who spoke to Hybrid News Nigeria, Shrige, a notorious terrorist from the Niger Republic, and his foot soldiers moved north to South Jaja in February of this year. There, they set up new hiding places and attack staging areas from which they launched attacks on neighbouring villages and towns.

This came after airstrikes carried out by NAF jets on February 17, 2022, which resulted in the death of numerous terrorists and the complete destruction of their supply routes and safe havens at Doumborou Forest in Zamfara.

The operative claimed villagers in Shimfida had heard information that the criminals had been ambushing and attacking the positions of their own forces in the Zamfara neighborhood.

As a result, surveillance aircraft were used to ascertain the despicable terrorists’ general operating procedures. Significant terrorist activity was captured on camera coming and going from a number of shelters with solar panels placed.

The video also revealed armed militants riding motorcycles along numerous tracks that led to the huts in the regions of interest.

“The video supports reliable information from residents and our own deployments in the area that the huts are key strategic locations from which the criminals launch the majority of their attacks on towns, villages, and communities in the ZAMFARA and KATSINA States.

As a result, on July 13, 2022, the Air Component of Operation Hadarin Daji sent out a formation of fighter jets equipped with rocket launchers and bombs to conduct air interdiction missions in order to eradicate and kill as many terrorists as possible as well as demolish their strongholds.

“The information was communicated to the fighter jets for the extermination of the targets when it was confirmed that the target area was operational with a significant number of terrorists and vast herds of rustled animals inside the huts.

The fighter plane was set up overhead the target region and directed to the target position as a result, armed with bombs. Upon arrival, a large number of terrorists were visible inside the huts, and several motorcycles could be seen entering the shelters. As a result, bombs were used to decisively engage the target.

“Reports from the locals and own deployments at sites near SHIMFIDA corroborated that terrorist kingpin MALIKI SHRIGE and his cohorts sustained maximum fatalities as around 45 terrorists were neutralized and their logistics were demolished during the Air Interdiction,” he stated.

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