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Murtala Muhammed Airport Customs Command Exceeds Revenue Targets, Achieves Significant Anti-Smuggling Milestones


Aug 21, 2023

The Murtala Muhammed Airport Customs Area Controller, Comptroller Muhammed Sanni Yusuf, said the command raked in ₦47,249,785,020.44 from January to July 2023.

During the review period, the Murtala Muhammed Airport Command accomplished a remarkable feat by generating a total revenue of ₦47,249,785,020.44.

This impressive figure constitutes an impressive 83.24% of the set revenue target. In comparison to the same period in 2022, which saw a revenue generation of ₦40,335,607,654.90, the current revenue reflects a substantial growth of ₦6,914,177,365.55k, marking a significant 17.14% increase.

According to Yusuf, “During the period under review, Murtala Muhammed Airport Command generated a total of Forty-seven Billion, two hundred and forty nine million, Seven hundred and eight five thousand, Twenty Naira forty five kobo (₦47,249,785, 020.44) which represents 83.24% of target met. When compared to the same period in 2022 of Forty Billion, Three hundred and thirty-five Million, Six hundred and seven Thousand, Six hundred and fifty four Naira, Ninety Kobo. (₦40,335,607,654.90) a progressive difference of Six Billion, Nine hundred and fourteen Million, One hundred and seventy seven Thousand, Three Hundred and Sixty Five Naira, Fifty five Kobo (₦6,914,177,365.55k) representing 17.14% increase.”

The command demonstrated its commitment to combating smuggling activities through coordinated actions in collaboration with key stakeholders.

The result of these efforts was the seizure of six packages of suspected Dried Shark Fins with a FOB value of ₦221,885,769.02, and twenty-five packages of suspected Dried Donkey Genitals with a FOB value of ₦1,010,372,761.98. These seizures translate to a total value of ₦1,232,258,531.

The seizures were carried out due to various violations of export guidelines and non-compliance with CITES Law on endangered species, as stipulated in the Nigeria Customs Service Act.

The individuals involved in these illegal export attempts have been apprehended, and ongoing investigations are underway.

Comptroller Muhammed Sanni Yusuf took the opportunity to express his heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering dedication of his officers and staff to the Customs Service.

He urged them to maintain their commitment to adhering strictly to the rules and regulations governing their roles.

In closing, Comptroller Yusuf extended gratitude to CGC BA Adeniyi MFR and his management team for their continuous support, which has empowered the command to excel. He also recognized the vital contributions of critical stakeholders and sister agencies who collaborate closely with the Customs Service.

He reserved special acknowledgment for the press, applauding their objective and accurate reporting.

The Murtala Muhammed Airport Command’s exemplary performance in revenue generation and anti-smuggling activities stands as a testament to the command’s dedication to upholding the integrity of the Nigeria Customs Service and ensuring the nation’s economic security.

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