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MARTINS IKECHUKWU: As Emefiele Hides, His Hirelings Rant


Jan 8, 2023

Of great concern, is this increased unethical activism by supposed journalists and some media outlets in the country. Quite worrisome is how these so-called elements or individuals engage in manipulative write-ups to present a biased and there crass perspectives, using sensational headlines or tactics for attention. While it is perplexing how these so-called organizations and individuals distort information or write-ups to present their biases, it continues to wreak of nothing Journalistic. The media, as the fourth Estate of the relm should be synonymous to objectivity and impartiality. All to bequeath balanced news to the public.

In Nigeria, particularly, recently, it appears quacks are taking over. Those whose only ambition is to enmesh wealth, leaving them vulnerable to being exploited all sorts of despicable persons or interests. They are always on the opposing side with the truth scrambling to be the next available tool for the highest bidder. Therefore blind to logic and reasonable judgement.

Beyond intriguing is that article titled “The Obsessive Security Chap Called Yusuf Bichi,” written by one, Yemi Adebowale, a supposed journalist. His empty piece on the Director General of State Services in person, Yusuf Magaji Bichi, with flawed arguments that depicted his shallow reasoning, parochial analysis and comprehension of the mandate of DSS, as well as the concept of National Security exposes him and possibly brings his entire media platform under scrutiny. It is obvious that as Yemi courts his part of the “dollarama” remnant of the press conference he actually expected that refering to Bichi as “chap” would earn him extra mileage with his contractors.
He forgets, Bichi the supposed accuser is very much in the country. Emefiele the innocent has disappeared almost with no trace. It really is perplexing that Thisday would permit such quackism.

Yemi’s central argument that bothered on the affidavit presented before Justice Tsoho, translating it to the DSS not having enough evidence to substantiate their accusations against Emefiele, exposed his ignorance. If he and his sponsors have any brains, they would know that no security agency in the world would expose their facts surrounding a matter of such magnitude, still under investigation. It feels irritable I am aware the deafening silence of the DSS and its DG. So, Emefiele and his co-economic saboteurs, will sponsor any gullible itchy pen for Naira and Kobo.

Certainly Yemi knows that lexis and structure alone doesn’t earn you journalistic credit. Atleast for matters of national security. Ask Gudaje the whistle blowing Honourable who leaked these all out. Ask him, what the President feels about Bichi and DSS. Since we all go by what is overtly reported. Ask him, who the faultess one is? He said it Loud and Clear, who the fairest of them all is. It is understandable that Yemi and his likes would champion claims that the DSS under Bichi’s leadership has persistently been an embarrassment to this country. If he truly believes that the DSS has failed woefully in the war against terrorists ravaging Nigeria, then Yemi is no more distant from a criminal, and the DSS should declare him one. Where was Yemi when the DSS arrested Abdulmumin Ibrahim Otaru (a.k.a. Abu Mikdad), an ISWAP commander behind the Kogi bomb blast, Kuje prison attack? Even last week, taking over that terrorist leader with his protracted history of terror. Is Yemi even in touch with reality?

Similar to this, Yemi’s claim that the DSS boss engages in activities outside of his purview by intervening in the fuel situation reflects both his hypocrisy toward the DG and his futile attempts to blackmail the ‘trustworthy and dependable’ spymaster. The DSS and its head have all matters of internal security under their radar. Yemi, I am one of those who will testify about the impactful DSS directive on fuel marketers which is one of the reasons I am responding to your shabbily written piece. And I also think it is high time that the leadership of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) clamped down on the likes of Yemi. The actions of such chaps to borrow your word denigrates the whole pack. Few individuals suffering from “brown envelope syndrome” continue to undermine the integrity of the media and journalism profession.

Yemi and Tochukwu Ohazuruike and their gang who feast on proceeds of bloodwealth should advise Emefiele, who I have no doubt is funding these attacks to show restraint. They should know that the concerned few who recognise decency have chosen a side with the DSS. Atleast, their actions have results. Is there anything minutely positive to Emefiele’s 8year leadership of the CBN? It is on this, that the call to bring Emefiele back for his side of this debacle must be the clamour of every journalist.

Martins Ikechukwu
A Public Affairs commentator in Abuja.

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