• Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

    Major General Muhammad Usman Inaugurates 243 Battalion Barracks Main Gate

    The General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the 81 Division of the Nigerian Army, Major General Muhammad Usman, presided over the official commissioning ceremony of the newly constructed main gate at the 243 Battalion Barracks in Badagry.

    The gate, a commendable project initiated by Colonel Ngusha Akpagher, the Commanding Officer of the 243 Recce Battalion, was unveiled during a solemn event attended by military personnel and dignitaries.

    In his address, Major General Usman underscored the significance of the project in bolstering security within the barracks while providing an enhanced working environment for the dedicated personnel of the 243 Recce Battalion. He reiterated the division’s unwavering commitment to providing essential infrastructure that enhances the welfare and operational efficiency of troops stationed within the barracks.

    General Usman called upon the troops to maintain their professional dedication and ensure the optimal utilization and upkeep of the newly commissioned infrastructure. He also lauded Colonel Akpagher for his visionary leadership in initiating this laudable project.

    Colonel Ngusha Akpagher, the driving force behind the project, expressed his gratitude to Major General Usman for his continuous guidance and support for the welfare of the troops. He emphasized that the main gate project, which includes a robust reinforced gate, a 200-meter-long fence connecting to the existing perimeter, and a new parking area, is intended to leave a lasting legacy for the 243 Battalion.

    Furthermore, Colonel Akpagher detailed the gate waiting room, which is furnished with amenities such as fans, office tables, and waiting chairs. Additionally, the project encompasses a well-equipped guardhouse on the upper level and an office space on the lower level, similarly furnished to ensure functionality and comfort.

    The commissioning of the 243 Battalion Barracks main gate marks a significant milestone in enhancing the security and well-being of the dedicated troops stationed at the facility. It represents a testament to the Nigerian Army’s commitment to improving infrastructure and fostering professionalism within its ranks.

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