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LASTMA Operatives Rescue Female Asthmatic Patient, Driver In One-Way Accident Rescue


Sep 27, 2023

In an early morning operation, the operatives of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) stepped in as lifesavers, rescuing a female asthmatic patient and a commercial bus driver from the chaotic aftermath of a head-on collision in Abule-Egba, Lagos.

According to a statement issued by Mr. Adebayo Taofiq, the Director of the Public Affairs and Enlightenment Department of LASTMA, the rescue operation unfolded at the Ajala junction, leading towards Abule-Egba. The accident involved two vehicles: a Toyota Sienna with registration BDG 18 FZ and a white commercial Mitsubishi bus bearing the plate number AYE 880 SF.

Lastma Ogunjobi Jeremiah, the Head of Zone 19, confirmed the heroic intervention by his team. He reported that the accident had occurred when the driver of the Toyota Sienna decided to flout traffic regulations and drove against the flow of traffic, committing a dangerous one-way violation.

In this harrowing incident, the courageous LASTMA operatives not only managed to clear the chaotic scene efficiently but also ensured the safety of the female asthmatic patient and the commercial bus driver, preventing further harm or injury.

The quick response and professionalism displayed by LASTMA in this situation exemplify their commitment to maintaining order on Lagos roads and their dedication to safeguarding the lives of citizens in the face of dangerous traffic incidents. This remarkable rescue serves as a reminder of the critical role played by LASTMA in ensuring public safety and upholding traffic regulations in the bustling metropolis of Lagos.

“Immediately we arrived at the accident scene the driver of the commercial Mitsubishi white bus who had bruises over his body and another female asthmatic patience were rescued by Lastma officials”

Lastma Ogunjobi disclosed that while the rescued female asthmatic patient was immediately rushed to BISAM Hospital for urgent medical attention, drivers of both accidented vehicles were handed over to Police-men from ‘Meiran’ Police Station for further investigation.

“Driving against direction prohibited by Law (One-way) is against the Lagos State Transport Sector Reform Law, 2018”

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