• Sun. May 26th, 2024

It appears that it is not really the best of times for the Nigeria Police officers in Lagos State Command after the EndSARS protest where many officers were attacked and stations burnt as the members of public seem to have lost confidence in the Police in the State.

Hybrid Online News Nigeria investigation revealed that apart from low morale since the protest took place, there seemed to be no motivation especially for the rank and file within the Force in order to continue their lawful duties passionately.

The public may have captured the real situation within the various Police Area Commands and Divisions, which they are now capitalizing on to ridicule some officers, who attempt to perform their lawful duties.

Recently, a Police officer, one Patrick Okoliko, attached to Igando Division went to perform his lawful duty and he was attacked by a 35-year old lady, Aniebiet Samuel, who even brought out a knife to attach him in public.

The incident happened at Imoba Street, Church Bus Stop, Igando, where Okoliko went to perform his lawful duty.

What the Police officer, Patrick Okoliko, got from the members of the public was disgrace and humiliation, which encouraged the lady, Aniebiet Samuel, to abuse and attack him in public.

The officer, Okoliko, was fortunate that he was not injured in the process but a Police Inspector, Edeki Paul, attached to Ejigbo Division, was not as lucky as Okoliko.

The victim, Inspector Paul, was brutally stabbed on his left eye by one Kanu Chukwuemeka for accosting him over contravention of traffic laws at Jakande Estate, Ejigbo area of Lagos State.

The suspect, Chukwuemeka, was angry because he contravened traffic laws and Inspector Paul wanted to know why he deliberately drove against traffic.

He came out from his Peugeot 306 car, attacked, stabbed and threw him inside a gutter and was escaping before he was apprehended by other Police officers.

Later, both Chukuemeka and Aniebiet were arrested and subsequently charged before the Ejigbo Magistrates Court for the alleged offences. Many other officers have experienced such attacks and humiliation in the past few months without adequate protection from the public and Police High Command.

Though, the IGP recently directed officers to defend themselves in the face of danger, but some of the officers do not believe they will be protected if they actually defend themselves in such situations.

Some of the officers, who spoke to our Reporter on condition of anonymity, said they are facing attacks from the public, who mock them daily but cannot do anything because the public do not have confidence in the Police as they used to in the past.

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