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    INSECURITY: Robbers Kill Police Officers After Attacking Sterling Bank Bullion Van

    ByHybrid Communications

    Aug 14, 2022

    After being attacked by armed thieves while accompanying a bullion vehicle belonging to Sterling Bank, the Abia State Police Command is calculating its losses.

    The incident, which happened on July 26, 2022, at around 1:30 PM, left officers dead and bloodied, and their guns were missing.

    A police source said: “The robbers were operating around Ntigha Junction along the Enugu-Port Harcourt Highway. “Tactical squads were despatched to the location as soon as the policemen who were being attacked issued a distress call to Control Room. One Inspector Leo Francis of CTU Base 4, Aba, informed us of the events there”

    According to him and five other people, they were escorting a bullion van from Sterling Bank, Ojukwu Street, Aba to Umuahia, the source continued. They came into a group of bandits who had barricaded the route and were firing as they were getting close to Ntigha Junction.

    They were unsuccessful in getting the escort car’s driver to stop. An exchange of gunfire started as soon as they stepped within the barricade. Igwe Ogbonnaya, the cash officer, was fatally shot as the bullion vehicle drove into a thicket. Injuries to the back and thighs were also sustained by AP No. 311667 Inspector Sani Sunday, AP No. 311529 Inspector John Jonathan of the 28PMF, and sergeant Utobong Uyota of CTU Base 4 Aba.

    They received emergency medical care at FMC Umuahia. One of the robbers was shot dead, and an AK-47 rifle belonging to the dead robber was found with three magazines strapped together. Additionally, authorities are still looking for John Jonathan’s AK-47 rifle from the 28 PMF in the nearby jungle.

    According to our source, an inquiry has been started to find the gang’s surviving members.

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