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INSECURITY CHRONICLES: Navigating Reality and Toxic Exaggeration in Anambra

ByHybrid News

Jul 3, 2023

By Christian ABURIME

Insecurity is a widespread issue that transcends borders and affects every society today. No nation is exempted from security risks and breaches, despite the best efforts of responsible governments to fulfill their primary duty of safeguarding lives and property.

According to a report by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 6 out of 7 people worldwide experience feelings of insecurity, and approximately 1.2 billion individuals live in conflict-affected areas, with a significant portion (560 million) residing in countries not typically considered fragile.

This universal vulnerability to insecurity extends across the developed world and developing continents alike. The United States grapples with the constant threat of gun violence, while the United Kingdom witnesses frequent fatal stabbings. The Middle East is plagued by terrorism, Asia faces deadly crimes, and South America struggles with drug cartel and mafia-related killings.

Similarly, many African countries confront diverse security crises. For example, South Africa experiences regular crimes and killings. However, despite the prevailing insecurity in these developed societies, visitors, tourists, and investors continue to travel there, and their citizens refrain from tarnishing their countries’ image abroad.

This prompts one to ponder why certain subversive elements in Nigeria, particularly in Anambra State, persistently disparage their own state with exaggerated tales of insecurity.

These individuals have appointed themselves as purveyors of not good news, but of horrifying stories and narratives that aim to undermine Anambra. Such behavior is a criminal indulgence!

Every day, insecurity rears its ugly head in various parts of Nigeria, as reported in the news. Banditry and kidnappings are prevalent in the northern regions. Recently, five students from the Federal University in Gusau, Zamfara State, were kidnapped and remain unreleased.

Sectarian killings continue in states like Kaduna, Plateau, Niger, Kogi, and Benue. Nigerian soldiers valiantly apprehended rail track vandals in Nasarawa, while the police engaged armed robbers in a gun battle in Gombe State. Even Abuja, the nation’s capital, which should be the most secure, witnesses kidnappings and stabbings.

In recent weeks, there have been several reported incidents of fatal stabbings across Abuja, from Wuse II to Gwarimpa, Airport Road to Gwagwalada, and Utako to Jabi. Moving to the Southwest, this zone also faces its fair share of insecurity crises, such as armed robberies and ritual killings in states like Lagos, Ogun, and Ondo. The South-south and Southeast regions are not spared either.

Despite these isolated incidents of violence and crime, Anambra State can still be regarded as one of the safest states in Nigeria. The relative security within the state is not merely coincidental but the outcome of deliberate and concerted efforts by the Soludo-led government to secure lives and protect property.

Rather than engaging in a campaign of defamation and pulling down their own state, critics who consistently overlook the positive aspects should commend the Anambra State government. Under the visionary leadership of Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, the government deserves recognition for its unwavering dedication to ensuring the security of lives and property within its jurisdiction.

The government has made substantial investments in law enforcement agencies, equipping them with modern technology and providing adequate incentives to enhance their effectiveness. Moreover, it has created an enabling environment for security agencies to operate optimally, promoting collaboration and intelligence sharing among them.

However, as citizens of this remarkable state, we bear the responsibility of maintaining the positive strides that Anambra has made in other areas. We must resist the temptation to badmouth our own state or spread exaggerated stories of insecurity. While it is natural to discuss and address any security issues that may arise, let our conversations be constructive and geared toward improvement.

We must approach discussions about our security situation with caution and accuracy, avoiding the trap of sensationalism on social media platforms that can unjustly deter visitors and investors. Recognizing the universal truth that no society is ever entirely free from insecurity, the Anambra State government will continue to exert all efforts to strengthen the state’s security architecture. With the goodwill and support of Ndi Anambra, fostering a positive environment, the state will undoubtedly flourish under the proactive governance of Governor Soludo.

By doing so, we will attract the much-needed investment for development, ultimately transforming Anambra into a secure, livable, progressive, and prosperous state we can all take pride in.

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