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Ijede Community Leaders Laud IGP’s Efforts In Enhancing Community Security

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Apr 25, 2024

In a resounding gesture of gratitude, the Council of Obas and Traditional Chiefs of Ijede Community, situated in Ikorodu, Lagos State, have extended their heartfelt appreciation to the Inspector General of Police, IGP Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun PHD, npm, via the Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Zone-2, AIG Olatoye Durosimi. The commendation comes in response to the Inspector General’s swift and effective response to a letter penned by the community leaders in February 2024, beseeching urgent police intervention to curb the escalating menace of criminal activities plaguing the entire Ijede Community.

The letter, a poignant plea for assistance, highlighted the harrowing reality of rampant kidnappings, abductions, murders, cultism, and a myriad of other criminal atrocities pervading the once-peaceful enclave. Expressing the profound distress and fear gripping the community, the missive underscored the palpable threat posed by the audacious criminals, whose brazen activities instilled a pervasive sense of insecurity and apprehension among residents.

In the words of the community leaders, “Our once tranquil community has been besieged by a wave of lawlessness, leaving us to conduct our daily affairs under the ominous shadow of impending danger. The inadequacy of the local police force to contain the escalating crime wave only exacerbated our fears, compelling us to seek urgent intervention to avert the looming descent into lawlessness.”

However, the ensuing response from the Inspector General of Police, facilitated through the diligent efforts of AIG Olatoye Durosimi, heralded a transformative change in the security landscape of Ijede Community. Prompt and decisive action saw the deployment of a formidable tactical police unit, whose presence swiftly quelled the nefarious activities of the criminal elements.

The tangible results of this proactive intervention were evident as the once beleaguered community experienced a remarkable turnaround, with incidences of crime plummeting and residents reclaiming their sense of safety and normalcy. Buoyed by this newfound security, the people of Ijede can now traverse their neighborhood without the suffocating burden of fear, allowing them to resume their livelihoods with renewed confidence and optimism.

In extending their heartfelt gratitude, the Council of Obas and Traditional Chiefs of Ijede Community hailed the Inspector General of Police for his unwavering commitment to safeguarding the welfare and security of Nigerian communities. Their commendation serves as a testament to the invaluable partnership between law enforcement agencies and local stakeholders in fostering safer, more resilient communities across the nation.

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