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IGP, Others Hail ACP Braide For Elevating Prestige Of Police Force


Aug 29, 2023

The Inspector-General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, along with various security stakeholders, has expressed their admiration for the remarkable achievements of ACP Ibiye Braide, the commander of the Mobile Police Force, 22 Squadron, Ikeja, Lagos.

ACP Ibiye Braide’s innovative policing strategies and impactful infrastructural endeavors have garnered praise and elevated the reputation of the police force.

Notable attendees at the event included Deputy Inspector-General of Police (DIG) Christopher Alabi, Mr. Ari Mohammed Ali, Assistant Inspector-General overseeing Zone 2 Police Command in Onikan, Lagos, Oba Abdulwasiu Omogbolahan Lawal, the Oniru of Iru, and prominent figures from the business community. They joined the Inspector-General of Police at the official inauguration ceremony of the projects initiated by ACP Braide in Lagos.

In an unprecedented display of recognition for ACP Braide’s contributions, Mr. Kayode Egbetokun personally unveiled the projects.

These projects encompassed a remodeled and well-furnished administrative building, a modern Police Clinic equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, an advanced ICT center, a tailoring workshop, a 14-bed transit camp, a trauma and distress center, a pharmacy, and an office for communication and rapid intervention. Egbetokun hailed ACP Braide as a source of pride for both the police force and the entirety of Nigeria.

Among the notable additions brought about by ACP Braide were ten solar light units installed across the police formation, a new gatehouse and security post, and a 304-square meter concrete parking area and parade ground.

The Inspector General of Police stated that upon being informed about the initiatives introduced by Braide, he opted to personally inaugurate the projects. “I am not disappointed with what I am seeing. I am proud of him for all he has done and I challenge other officers to emulate ACP Braide to bring pride to the force,” he said.

Speaking, Oba Abdulwasiu Omogbolahan Lawal, expressed his admiration for the police facility’s resemblance to the Scotland Yard building in the United Kingdom. He offered a prayer for Braide’s protection and success in all his undertakings.

The most heartfelt praises for Braide, however, emanated from the members of the MOPOL 22 Squadron. They spoke highly of their commander, with several expressing that he was actively equipping them for their lives beyond their service years.

One of the officers, an ASP who preferred anonymity, said, “Oga Braide has really changed my perception about many things. He is a man who always wants the best in everything. I have learnt a lot from oga in the policing job and life outside policing. He is already preparing all of us for the future. He has opened our eyes to life after retirement.”

Similarly, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), who also preferred to remain anonymous, expressed, “Our commitment to serving the citizens of Nigeria is consistently fueled by our commanding officer. They have brought a sense of honor to our police duties.”

“There is a place he just built for us where we can rest after duty. The place is very conducive for the mind and even better than our homes. That alone is a very big encouragement for us.

“In the past, we used to hang around the office whenever we came back from our duty posts, but now we can sleep and rest before going home or returning to our duty posts the next day.

“Now we have doctors, psychologists and even well- equipped tailors within our facility. When we are sick, we have doctors that can attend to us. Sometimes when some of us return from operation, especially during crisis, they face on trauma or the other and the patient will be rushed to the hospital where they may not be space to admit the patient,but today, we have trauma room in the premises,where any patient will be treated. The place is well equipped . There is a doctor available, to offer treatment . These achievements are unprecedented.I have worked under many officers but Oga Braide is different.”

A senior officer at MOPOL 22 (names withheld) said, “What Oga usually tells us is that he is doing everything for humanity and posterity. He acquired many laptops and other information technology equipment to train our officers.

We have started computer training. It is the commander’s belief that every policeman should be computer-literate and when a police officer retires, he or she should be able to get jobs as CSO in private companies. He is very innovative, kind and sincere.”

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