• Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

IGP, OPTS Join Forces to Enhance Security In Nigeria’s Oil & Gas Sector

The Inspector General of Police, Ag. IGP Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun, NPM, Ph.D has reaffirmed the critical importance of enhancing security within the Nigerian oil and gas sector during a meeting with the Executive Secretary and Heads of Security of all oil companies in Nigeria, gathered under the umbrella of the Oil Producers Trade Section (OPTS).

The event took place at the Force Headquarters in Abuja on October 27, 2023.

The collaborative effort initiated by the Inspector General of Police and OPTS is driven by the shared goal of countering oil theft, fortifying the protection of vital oil and gas infrastructure, and fostering synergy among various security agencies responsible for safeguarding these facilities.

The oil and gas industry holds a central position in Nigeria’s economy, making its safety and security a top priority. This collaborative initiative underscores the unified commitment to preserving the industry’s well-being and addressing security threats that can disrupt its stability and efficiency.

This partnership encompasses a multi-faceted approach, with a focus on countering oil theft, infrastructure development, improved engagement with local communities, corporate social responsibility (CSR), operational support, and the implementation of training programs and operational simulations for security personnel.

Notably, the Inspector General of Police reaffirmed his dedication to establishing a Special Intervention Squad (SIS) specifically geared towards safeguarding oil and gas businesses and facilities in Nigeria. The expansion of SIS operations is expected to complement existing security measures and further enhance protection within the sector.

The Inspector General of Police underscored the Nigerian Police Force’s commitment to deploying necessary assets to bolster security in the oil and gas sector, with the ultimate goal of ensuring favorable outcomes that contribute to the prosperity and stability of both the industry and the entire nation.

This collaborative effort between law enforcement and the oil and gas sector is a significant step towards addressing security challenges and safeguarding Nigeria’s vital energy resources.

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