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HURIDE Slams Slow Police Progress In Murder Investigation Of 7 year-Old Twin Brothers In Delta State

ByHybrid News

Jan 22, 2021

“HURIDE seeks justice, says police yet to arrest others, as vital organs still missing”

Two twins Chiagozie Agwunobi and Chidalu Agwunibi have been allegedly murdered by suspected ritualist in Delta state.

Human right defender Nigeria (HURIDE) chairman, Dede Uzo. A. Uzor, disclosed this in a statement issued on Friday 22 January 2020.

It was gathered that the suspects who allegedly murdered the twins are, Onuwa Ajie, Nwanozie Uzo and Chukwudi Edemuzo.

“We have been informed of the conspiracy, kidnapping and premeditated murder of twin brothers, Citizens Chiagozie Agwunobi and Chidalu Agwunobi by their parents, Mr. Olisa Agwunobi and Mrs. Chimebele Agwunobi of Oko-Ogbele Village in Oshimili South Local Government Area, Delta State, on whose behalf we write you, the investigation of which is still pending at your command” Uzor stated.

“The gory details of their painful and brutal killing are too chilling to recount”

“On the 5th day of March, 2020, Onuwa Ajie, a neighbour of same village to Mr. and Mrs. Olisa Agwunobi, lured Citizens Chiagozie Agwunobi and Chiagozie Agwunobi, twin brothers of 7 years old, out of their house, and in conspiracy with his murderous gang members, Nwanozie Uzo and Chukwudi Edemuzo kidnapped and brutally murdered them in cold blood.

Uzor added that “Onuwa Ajie, Nwanozie Uzo, Chukwudi Edemuzo and their partners in crime conspired, kidnapped, and killed Citizens Chiagozie Agwunobi and Chidalu Agwunobi and must be brought to justice to the fullest extent of the weight of the law.

“We are informed that one of the murder suspects, Onuwa Ajie had made attempts to whisk the twin brothers (now late) away from their school, Ekeanya Primary School, Oko-Ogbele, Delta State but was prevented by their class teacher, Miss Ogugua, who has since volunteered statement to your command to that effect.

This was prior to the eventual luring, kidnapping and gruesome murder of Citizens Chiagozie Agwunobi and Chidalu Agwunobi by the trio of Onuwa Ajie, Nwanozie Uzo and Chukwudi Edemuzo.

“Late Citizens Chiagozie Agwunobi and Chidalu Agwunobis’ parents, who are farmers, were terrified to learn about the disappearance of their twin sons on their return from farm on the 5th day of March, 2020, who, together with other villagers, mounted intense search for their sons same day in the entire village and camps without success.

This prompted a report of the matter of the missing twin boys by Mr. and Mrs. Olisa Agwunobi at B Division of the Nigeria Police Force, Asaba the following day, 6th March, 2020.

“Following a sustained search for the twin boys for four (4) consecutive days to no avail, one of the murder suspects, Nwanozie Uzo, called one of the villagers Osora Oputa on phone and informed him that late Citizens Chidalu Agwunobi and Chiagozie Agwunobi will be found respectively at Aguoma land and Uzo Iyi Oji both in Oshimili South Local Government Area, Delta State. With an elated spirit, the said Mr. Oputa called many villagers on phone and informed them of the suspect’s information.

“Sadly, the two locations disclosed by Nwanozie Uzo (one of the kidnap and murder suspects) were visited by Mr. and Mrs. Olisa Agwunobi, together with other villagers, and the police but found the decomposing bodies of their late twin sons horrendously mutilated, with their body parts to wit, hands, eyes, and tongues cut off and their hairs also shaved and taken to one native doctor in Aguleri in Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State, who the suspects, including Nwanozie Uzo, can identify. Attached hereto are photograph pictures of the late twin brothers’ respective dead bodies recovered by the police and deposited at the General Hospital Mortuary, Ibuzo, Delta State.

“We are further informed that Nwanozie Uzo (one of the suspects) has since been arrested by the police who confessed to the atrocious crimes and currently remanded at the Correctional Centre, Asaba, Delta State. However, it is worthy of mention that neither the complainants, Mr. Olisa Agwunobi and Mrs. Chimebele Agwunobi nor their Counsel were served any notice of arraignment of Nwanozie Uzo in court. None of them was also availed with the Charge Sheet or First Information Report for the trial of the suspect and his cohorts at large.

“While we commend the police for the arrest of Nwanozie Uzo, we, however, express dismay at the seeming loss of momentum in the police investigation of the heinous crimes. Till date, the native doctor who hatched the crime and the other suspects at large, Onuwa Ajie and Chukwudi Edemuzo, have not been arrested by the police and brought to justice for almost a year! It is our view that the arrest and investigation of the native doctor’s call log would yield significant lead in the arrest of the fleeing suspects.

Investigation of the call log of Onuwa Ajie who use the following mobile phone numbers: 0802 947 8971 and 0913 862 7575 will also be germane in tracking and arresting the fleeing suspects.

“We dare say that the sacrosanctity and inviolabilty of late Citizens Chiagozie Agwunobi and Chidalu Agwunobis’ right to life guaranteed by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) was egregiously and callously violated by the suspects deserving expedited, thorough and discreet investigation as well as arraignment and prosecution of all suspects against whom a prima facie case is established.

“As a civil society organisation dedicated to protecting and defending the human rights of all citizens of our country, especially the downtrodden, as well as upholding the Constitution, HURIDE Demands expedited and thorough investigation of this one murder too many, and arrest, arraignment and prosecution of all other suspects in a court of competent jurisdiction within 14 Days of your receipt of this petition.

“Justice must not only be done but must also be seen to have been done in this matter” Uzor added.

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