HURIDE Condems The Unlawful Detention, Assault And Maltreatent Of Mrs Favour Louis And Her Two Sons


The human rights defender been informed by Mrs. Favour Louis, a widow, of No. 28, Oseka Chukwurah, 3-3, Onitsha of the savage assault, threats, intimidation and unlawful detention meted against her and her two sons Divine Louis (9 years) and Delight Louis (7 years) minors by one Mr. Onyekachi, their neighbour of same address on whose behalf we petition your office.

We are instructed that on Tuesday evening, the 6th day of April, 2021, Mrs. Favour’s sons, Divine Louis and Delight Louis, were playing in their flat (1st floor) when one of their playing objects (a small piece of broken tile) mistakenly fell off and dropped on the glass of a hilux vehicle owned by the said Mr. Onyekachi parked at the compound, which left a minimal impact thereon, over which Mrs. Favour apologised to Mr. Onyekachi on her son’s behalf.

In a bizarre display of brazen intimidation and cruelty, Mr. Onyekachi called Mrs. Favour and her two sons on the morning of Wednesday, the 7th day of April, 2021 and, in the presence of Mrs. Favour, set upon her two sons and mercilessly assaulted them by kicking, slapping, and dealing fist blows on the childre thereby inflicting grievous bodily harm on them in the wake of the brutal assault for which huge sum of money have been expended in medical treatments for same. Attached are photograph pictures showing the scars evidencing the savage assault.

Not done, Mr. Onyekachi reached for and drew a machete with which he chased Divine Louis about ostensibly to deal machete cuts on the child! In fact, Divine Louis’ escape from the premeditated and unconscionable savagery unleashed on Mrs. Favour and her family by the said Mr. Onyekachi was, indeed, a miracle! Mr. Onyekachi equally boasted that he would deal ruthlessly with Mrs. Favour and her children using vigilante operatives, the army, and the police at his beck and call.

According to Dede Uzor “True to his boasts, Mr. Onyekachi on the evening of same day, 6th April, 2021procured some vigilante operatives attached to 3-3 vigilante office located at Odonwankita in Sea-View Estate headed by one Chiboy, whom he boasted of having in his pockets, and arrested, manacled and detained Mrs. Favour and her aforesaid sons for several hours. Worse still, Mr. Onyekachi also threatened further unlawful action against Mrs. Favour and her family if she fails to buy a brand new windscreen for his vehicle for him today, Friday, the 9th day of April, 2021”

Mrs. Favour and her sons, we dare say, committed no offence against Mr. Onyekachi to warrant the above unlawful acts as well as the egregious violation of their fundamental human rights meted against them by Mr. Onyekachi.

“It is against the backdrop of the above that we pray your intervention to order a discreet investigation into the above with a view to stave off further violation of fundamental rights of Mrs. Favour and her two sons by Mr. Onyekachi as well as the arraignment and prosecution of anyone against whom a prima facie case is established by your investigation”.