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Heroic Naval Rating OS Harrison GI X21440 Sacrifices Life In Protecting Ajegunle Community

ByHybrid News

Jun 30, 2023

In a tragic incident that occurred on Friday, June 23, 2023, at approximately 8:00 PM, Naval rating OS Harrison GI X21440 displayed immense bravery and selflessness while ensuring the safety of the Ajegunle community. The incident took place on Olowojeunjeje street during a clash between rival criminal gangs, specializing in One-Chance and Phone snatching syndicates, who have been causing distress in the area.

Investigation findings have shed light on the underlying issues within the community, where clashes between cult groups and criminal gangs have sadly become all too common. The clash was a retaliatory attack following two tragic killings earlier in the week. On Tuesday, June 20, 2023, one gang member from each group lost their lives in Amukoko, and another killing occurred on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, on Nosamu street at midnight.

The gang from Imam street in Amukoko confronted the rival gang that had gathered on Olowojeunjeje street in Ajegunle. Tragically, indiscriminate gunfire ensued, resulting in several individuals sustaining bullet wounds and, devastatingly, claiming the life of OS Harrison GI X21440, a 31AK serving at LLD Apapa. He resided at Navy Barracks Mobile Road.

Following the incident, the body of OS Harrison GI was taken to NMC Mobile Road at around 8:40 PM before being transferred to the NNRH Ojo Morgue at approximately 9:05 AM on Saturday, June 24, 2023. It is important to note that during the transport, the tricycle used was confiscated at NMC Mobile Road, although no arrests were made at the time.

The loss of OS Harrison GI is an incredibly tragic event that serves as a reminder of the significance of personal security for all individuals. It is crucial to exercise caution, especially during late outings and when associating with individuals of questionable backgrounds or in areas known for high criminal activities. Furthermore, the ASA (Ajegunle Security Agency) is actively working to educate its personnel about secure options available, such as the NN Messes and Mammy markets, which provide safe environments for socializing and relaxation.

In the pursuit of justice and ensuring that the sacrifice made by OS Harrison GI is not in vain, the Nigerian Navy (NN) and the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) are collaborating to conduct a thorough investigation. It is their shared goal to identify those responsible for the tragic killing and ensure that justice is served.

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