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HANDSHAKING THE FUTURE: Project NWAFOR Igbo At World Igbo Congress


Sep 11, 2023

The city of Atlanta, Georgia came alive recently as Ndi Igbo worldwide took the United States of America (USA) by storm for the World Igbo Congress. Interestingly, this is coming few days after the Igbos in the Diaspora held another superlative event, Mbaise Europe 4th Convention in Essen, Germany.

Recall that Project NWAFOR Igbo stole the show in the Republic of Germany where its Convener, Rowland Okorie thrilled the crowed with his presentation on the project. Project NWAFOR Igbo, again, took the centre stage at the Igbo World Congress in Atlanta, Georgia, USA with another scintillating presentation.

Rowland Okorie, Chief Executive Officer of Equity Concepts Entertainments and founder of Project NWAFOR Igbo expressed his gratitude to the entire organizers of the event and the Chairman, Professor Anthony Ejiofor for the opportunity given to him to showcase the project at the congress, adding that he is speechless as words cannot explain the way he feels.

World Igbo Congress (WIC) is the most sophisticated gathering of Igbo elites and power houses around the world.

Expressing his shock on the success of the event, Okorie said; “We were barely ready for the event after returning from Germany where we went to present the vision and blueprint to Igbos in Europe.”

“The event marked the first in history to have an encounter with the Royal Father of the day, The Obi of Onitsha, His Royal Majesty Nnaemeka Alfred Ugochukwu Achebe. The humblest man I’ve ever met in my lifetime, an Igbo icon with an in-depth history of Nigeria, Ndi Igbo and the world. In his wisdom he addressed issues of insecurity in Igbo land, he talked about the values in our culture and called for the resolution and immediate action to be taken to fix our land and bring back businesses that will unite Igbos around the world. He said there is nothing an Igbo man cannot do. He also said that bringing back businesses that will compete with world standard is the least of all.”

The 4-day event started with a welcome address by the President of Igbo Progressive Union, Atlanta, Innocent Ukabam PhD, and according to Okorie, Ukabam is a rare gem, a passionate Igbo man whose love for his people has no bound. The event featured founding fathers of the association and key position members including. Past chairmen, amongst Dr J.O.S Okeke, Engr Joe Eto , Engr Kalu Diogu to mention but a few.

Okorie continued; “I am happy to meet with new opportunities and fresh partners like Dr. Emmanuel Asonye the Chief Operating Officer of KEDU, a US-based corporation which focuses on documenting Igbo literacy, history, culture, language and Igbo people.”

However, the Public Relations Officer of WIC, Basil Onwukwe, had earlier in the month of August hinted the Media Consultant and Publisher of Eastern Eye Magazine, Ms Ngozi Okorie of the plans to give the dreadlock Mbaise Leader, Rowland Okorie the opportunity to market his project to the leadership of the World Igbo Congress.

The event witnessed dignitaries in Georgia District 102 representatives, Chief Gabe Okoye and powerful respected Igbo attorneys all around the world. The congress also saw a group of countless medical doctors, engineers, architects’ chiefs and council of elders. In fact, it covers all works of life.

Rowland Okorie, while giving his speech greeted everyone present by saying, Igbo Kwenu (a cultural gesture of salutation for oneness, which the crowd must respond in agreement.) The night was lit with DJ Ijeoma Nwakanma.

He said, “I am in this convention to preach the gospel of Project NWAFOR Igbo.” Okorie equally used the medium to address the issue surrounding the prevailing precarious situations in the South-East, where it is now an issue of immediate concern to pursue, a system that will guarantee and safeguard Ndigbo investments and generation of Igbo youths.

He said other Nigerian tribes have outright disdain, outright disregard and outright disrespect for freedom of political and economic freedom for Igbo people.

Rowland stressed the need to maintain the wake-up call for total mass exodus of Igbo businesses and focus on the motherland. He pointed out that Project NWAFOR Igbo would offer the right business network, foreign partner connects and organizational prowess to attain its goals.

The Equity Entertainment Concept boss noted that the project offers out of box solutions to existential and security threats to life and property in Ala-Igbo.
He said, “Project NWAFOR Igbo is well positioned and determined to own the responsibility of building the future of the Igbo nation.”

“Project NWAFOR Igbo is the only project today that can confidently present a blueprint on how to mirror businesses and investment back to Igbo land,” Rowland boasted. “All we seek is partnership and encouragement,” he concluded.

He stated that the convention is the best avenue to reset Igbo agenda, based on the prevalent situation in the Nigerian equation.

Project NWAFOR Igbo like it shocked many people in Germany at the Mbaise Europe 2023, turned the center of attraction at the World Igbo Congress in Atlanta, Georgia as it adorns the venue with irresistible rollup banners and backdrops which stood side by side with the Igbo Progressive Union (IPU) as people trooped out to take pictures with it. At the end of the congress, Project NWAFOR Igbo gathered endorsements.

Meanwhile, amongst those that endorsed the project was the Chairman, Board of Directors, World Igbo Congress, Prof. Anthony Ejiofor who promised to throw his weight behind the project.

Some of the Igbo groups that thronged the congress were Aka Ikenga, Anioma Redemption, Global Igbo Leaders, American Veterans of Igbo Descent and a number of private companies including. Grand central.

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