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Grace Nation Church Refutes Fraud, Extortion Allegations by Former Member


Jun 27, 2024

The Grace Nation Church International, a renowned prophetic and healing ministry based in Lagos, has vehemently denied allegations of fraud and extortion made by its former member, Mr. Michael Omolayo Ibukun. In a statement released on Wednesday, the church urged the public to disregard the claims made by Ibukun, asserting its innocence in the matter.

According to the church’s spokesman, Mr. Henry Okoduwa, Ibukun alleged that two cars were forcibly taken from him and sold by the church, and further claimed that the church owed him N50 million for diesel fuel supplied by his company, Blessed Energy Resources Limited.

“The Grace Nation Church categorically refutes these allegations. The cars in question were voluntarily offered as a gesture of gratitude by Mr. Ibukun himself, who joyfully presented them as offerings to God during a service broadcast live approximately three years ago,” the statement clarified.

The church expressed astonishment at Ibukun’s subsequent demand for the return of the vehicles, emphasizing that all financial transactions with Ibukun had been duly settled. It debunked the N50 million debt claim, stating that Ibukun had been fully compensated for his services, contrary to his assertions.

Furthermore, the church highlighted Ibukun’s recent legal troubles, alleging that he is currently evading authorities for defrauding two church members of a total of N11 million. This revelation, according to the church, casts doubt on Ibukun’s credibility and motives behind his accusations.

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Ibukun has chosen to engage in a campaign of calumny against our organization. His recent fraudulent activities expose his lack of integrity and credibility,” the statement continued.

The church emphasized its commitment to transparency and ethical conduct in all dealings, including financial transactions and member contributions. It reiterated that contributions to the church are voluntary and not coerced, with offerings and tithes freely given as per individual conviction.

“We urge the public to ignore Mr. Ibukun’s fabrications and refrain from being misled by his baseless allegations. Grace Nation Church remains steadfast in its mission to serve with honesty and integrity,” concluded the statement.

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