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Governor Soludo Praised For Transparent Contract Termination, Commitment To Public Good


Aug 2, 2023

The Civil Liberties Organization (CLO) Anambra State Branch has commended Governor Charles Soludo for his recent impromptu visits to ongoing projects in the state.

The Governor’s on-the-spot assessment and verification of the projects’ progress and citizen feedback demonstrate his commitment to improved service delivery and sustainable development.

In a press statement titled “Public Funds Must Be Used for Public Good,” Evangelist Comrade Vincent Ezekwueme, Chairman of CLO, and Comrade Chidi Mbah, Secretary, welcomed the Governor’s actions as a step in the right direction.

They believe that such initiatives will accelerate savings and ensure the prudent management of the state’s resources, ultimately benefiting the welfare and wellbeing of the citizens.

Earlier, the CLO expressed concerns over the poor execution of certain projects, including those on Niger Street and various road constructions.

However, the recent visit by His Excellency, Governor Charles Soludo, brought to light issues of negligence, lack of capacity, and failure to adhere to agreed timelines by the contractor, TEC Engineering LTD.

In response to these findings, the Governor made the courageous decision to terminate the contract, setting a transparent precedent for judiciously using public funds for the public good.

The termination of the contract has rekindled the people’s confidence, trust, and hope in Governor Soludo’s administration.

It signals to other contractors that business as usual will no longer be tolerated, as public funds must be utilized in the best interest of the citizens.

Governor Charles Soludo’s commitment to continuous improvement and reform is evident, and the CLO urges him to sustain these impromptu visits to various government projects, agencies, schools, markets, hospitals, and parks. By doing so, he can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the state and take necessary actions for urgent transformation.

Furthermore, the CLO suggests that the Governor establishes a Projects Implementations Monitoring and Verification Committee.

This committee, comprising individuals with impeccable character and integrity, will provide honest feedback and represent citizen expectations, ensuring that the government’s actions align with the needs of the people.

In light of Governor Soludo’s actions, the CLO applauds his disdain for kickbacks and the removal of unprepared and underperforming contractors. This dedication to transparency and efficiency sets a positive precedent for good governance in Anambra State.

The Civil Liberties Organization (CLO) Anambra State Branch stands in full support of Governor Charles Soludo’s efforts to build a better future for the citizens and the state.

With continued dedication to the public good, we believe that Anambra State will flourish under his leadership.

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