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Freight Forwarders Request Waiver On Terminal Charges Due To Persistent Customs Server Issues

ByHybrid News

May 3, 2024

The Association of Concerned Freight Forwarders and Transporters (ACFFT) has officially requested a waiver of terminal charges from the Customs Area Controller of Area One, Apapa, following severe disruptions caused by ongoing Customs server failures. The request was made in a letter signed by the association’s National Coordinator, Sir Johnny Ubaka, expressing the financial distress experienced by its members due to the server downtime that has persisted since April 26, 2024.

In their communication, detailed in a letter to the Customs Area Controller, the ACFFT highlighted that the server issue has prevented their members from accessing and retrieving their consignments from the port. This malfunction has reportedly led to substantial daily losses, estimated at over 2.5 billion Naira, severely impacting the business operations and financial sustainability of the freight forwarders and their importers.

Sir Johnny Ubaka, in his plea, stated, “This unfortunate situation is causing significant financial distress to our members, with losses amounting to over 2.5 billion Naira daily. The continuous delay is not only emasculating business operations but also threatening our sustainability in the industry.”

The ACFFT’s request for a complete waiver of terminal charges for the days affected by the server downtime aims to alleviate some of the financial burdens faced by the freight forwarders. This measure, they argue, is crucial for allowing them to continue their operations without seeking recourse against the Nigeria Customs for the substantial losses incurred.

This server issue is part of a longstanding problem with the Customs IT services, provided by Webb Fontaine. The association has repeatedly voiced their frustrations over the years, urging the Federal Government and the Ministry of Finance to reevaluate and potentially revoke the contract with Webb Fontaine due to poor service delivery that has not only affected the freight forwarders but also led to continuous revenue losses for the Federal Government.

The Customs Area Controller’s office has yet to respond to the ACFFT’s recent request. The situation remains a critical issue for the logistics and transportation sectors, which are essential for the smooth functioning of Nigeria’s import and export activities.

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