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Former Anambra CP Adeoye Denies Billionaire Allegations, Says Reports Are False, Mischievous

ByHybrid News

May 4, 2024

Former Anambra State Commissioner of Police (CP) Adeoye has vehemently refuted recent media reports suggesting his billionaire status, asserting the claims as false and mischievous. Dismissing rumors circulating in various outlets, Adeoye clarified that while he is involved in the Alpha Trust Investment Club Limited (ATICL), valued at over 20 billion naira, he personally does not possess such wealth.

The ex-police officer emphasized that his engagement with ATICL does not equate to personal ownership of the purported amount. Addressing the media, Adeoye expressed disappointment in the spread of unsubstantiated information and urged journalists to uphold professional ethics by verifying facts before publication.

Adeoye, renowned for his dedication to duty throughout his career, vowed to vehemently defend his integrity against baseless allegations. He cautioned the public against being swayed by unfounded rumors and assured legal action against those responsible for spreading falsehoods.

In light of Adeoye’s denial, media outlets are urged to exercise prudence and accuracy in reporting sensitive matters, adhering to the principles of fairness and responsible journalism to prevent unjust damage to individuals’ reputations.

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