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Families, Well Wishers Celebrate Mrs Comfort Adebowale At 70


Oct 31, 2022

Families, friends and well wishers on Sunday gathered to celebrate Deaconess Comfort Adebowale, Leader, CAC Good Women Association, CAC Ajah Zonal Headquarters on her 70th birthday.

Deaconess Comfort Adebowale was described as a disciplinarian and selfless personality who loves all of God’s creation and never hesitate to support everyone around her.

Speaking about Mrs Comfort Adebowale, the first son, Mr Oluwafemi Semiu said the celebrant lived an exemplary life being a disciplinarian who always teach people in the ways of the lord.

“Mrs Comfort Adebowale’s lifestyle is an exemplary one as she always encourage us to be prayerful and hardworking.

“The joy we celebrate today is as a result of her perseverance. It takes both male and female to achieve this so I implore everyone of us to live an exemplary lifestyle while we put all our hopes in God.” he said.

Pastor Emmanuel Adisa of Christ Apostolic Church, Ajah Zonal Headquarters also said that birthdays are days to reconnect with God and resolving to live a purposeful life.

The cleric disclosed this during the thanksgiving service and birthday celebration of Mrs Comfort Adebowale, Leader, CAC Good Women Association, CAC Ajah Zonal Headquarters.

Pastor Adisa who spoke on the best time of a man’s life said birthdays should be utilized in reflecting on the past and resolving to living a better life.

The Cleric said mistakes of the past can disorganise many things and that now is the acceptable time for sober reflection and living an exemplary lifestyle.

She told the celebrant that God has a purpose in her life for keeping her till her present age and urged her to keep up with her good works.

“A time like this reminds us to connect ourselves with God, correct our past mistakes and control our destiny. This is by controlling our tongue, our thoughts and our temper.

“A time like this reminds us to count our days, commit our ways unto the lord, contribute our quota towards humanity and live a purposeful life.

“You re witnessing your present age for a purpose. There is a purpose for your creation, calling, redemption and existence,” he said.

Adisa urged the congregation to embrace living a life of purpose as achieving a peaceful society and a great nation is the responsibility of all.

Mrs Comfort Adebowale however added that parts of the secrets of living an exemplary life is putting God first and been hardworking.

“Parts of the secret to living a healthy and exemplary lifestyle includes making God your companion, eating healthy and creating time for your family.

“You should also rest well and exercise regularly. Don’t worry about the things you have not had. They will come at God’s ordained time. Create a life plan for yourself.” she said.

The community leader advised youths against succumbing to peer pressure to do drugs adding that mothers should ensure they monitor all the activities of their children.

“Churches should organize seminars and symposium creating awareness about the adverse effects of drug abuse. Churches can also be a succour to idle youths by bringing them together to teach them in the ways of the lord.

“Mothers as the keeper of the home should ensure they monitor their children, know their whereabout and the type of peer groups the children keeps.

“Government has over the time been sensitizing the youth about the menace of drug abuse. They can do more by constantly creating workshop, training centers, advisory bodies and creating reasonable means of livelihood for the youth that can keep them occupied.” she said.

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