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Expert Calls For collaboration, Improved Service For Practitioners In Childcare

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Jul 7, 2022

A UK Childcare Expert, Mrs Caroline Popoola on Thursday called for the collaboration of educators and practitioners for the protection of children and the coming generation.

Mrs Popoola, the CEO, Alpha Global, in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria said it is important that the stakeholders collaborate especially in a society where Childcare practitioners don’t have sufficient support.

The expert emphasised that there is need to protect the next generation as the lack of backing for Childcare practitioners is not just a Nigerian issue but a global problem.

“People are keen to do better and that is what we are about. The impact is important. With other practitioners, educators, together we can bring transformation to this very crucial Sector.” she said.

The CEO while expressing her passion towards Childcare said Alpha Global is hosting a conference in Lagos, Nigeria, channelled at impacting and changing the mindset of key stakeholders in the Education Industry.

“The Early Years Child Care Conference themed ‘Starting Early, Starting Right’ which is holding on July 9, 2022, is based on the five Es which are Encourage, Embrace, Enlighten, Empower and Educate.

“At the conference, we and other incredible speakers will be educating practitioners and educators on how they can deliver better Childcare services”, she said.

NAN reports that the Lagos State Commissioner for Education, Mrs Folashade Adefisayo is one of the speakers speaking on childcare at the Conference.

Mrs Popoola asked why it was easier to play the victim and being part of the problem rather than delivering tangible or sustainable improvements?

“That is why we are coming to Africa to change the narrative. Let’s work together, we can do it one at a time but not doing anything and just talking is a waste of time.

“For me, its all about the impact we can make whilst we are here. Who would say I benefited from you as a result of the resources you shared or help you rendered?

“If each one of us stakeholders, can address each child’s needs, and take on one at a time, you can only imagine the positive impact and what thousands of kids will turn out to become.

People keep saying there are too many of them but take one and start. We can’t keep waiting for the Government. Yes, its not easy anywhere but we can make it what we want it to be.

“I see a day when we will collaborate and truly take on these children from obscurity and show them what their future could be like.” she said.

While elucidating further, the UK Childcare Expert said at the moment, we make it look like children don’t have a right, which is wrong, adding that we should enable the right mindset where they can aspire to become and achieve noble dreams.

Speaking on challenges, she said there are lots of people and institutions who want to do more for children but too many protocols, hurdles and “red tapes” make them give up before they even get into the system.

She further urged the Government to eliminate bottlenecks hindering healthy participation as well as provide more support by creating awareness and communicating clearly with the necessary stakeholders.

“There will always be challenges, regardless of the country you operate in, but with the right mindset, we can overcome and still deliver value and leave a legacy the children will forever cherish and uphold.”

“There is need for Government to communicate more and have deeper conversations with the right people. There should be clearer rules on Childcare best practices and a roundtable to engage with individuals and institutions doing incredible work in this Industry.

“It is not about what we can get, but what impact or changes we can bring to kids who earnestly look to us to make or take the right decisions and action”. She said.
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