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Exemplary Policewoman Awarded N250,000 By Anambra Police Command For Courageous Act


Aug 28, 2023

In a remarkable display of dedication and integrity, Inspector Charity Oyor of the Main Market Division, Onitsha, has been honored with a cash reward of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N250,000) by the Commissioner of Police, CP Aderemi Adeoye, for her outstanding actions.

On Wednesday, August 23, 2023, Inspector Charity Oyor was on traffic duty at the bustling Main Market when she spotted a shuttle bus transporting six substantial bundles of stripped armoured cable, raising suspicions of theft.

Acting swiftly and courageously, she intercepted the vehicle and engaged the driver in conversation. Instead of clarifying the origin of the cargo, the driver attempted to bribe her, an offer which she staunchly refused.

Undeterred by the bribe, Inspector Oyor immediately contacted her superior, Superintendent Joy Chidinma Ikpeama, who promptly assembled a team of officers and reached the scene. Together, they apprehended the suspect and impounded the questionable cable for further investigation.

During the subsequent interrogation at the police station, the suspect once again resorted to bribery, this time offering N500,000 in exchange for his release. Despite the tempting offer, the officers stood firm and rejected the bribe. Superintendent Joy Chidinma Ikpeama then briefed the Commissioner of Police about the arrest and the recovered evidence.

Impressed by the unwavering dedication of the team, CP Aderemi Adeoye instructed the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Awka to take over the case for a comprehensive investigation aimed at tracing the source of the used cables.

At a commendation ceremony held today, August 25, 2023, CP Aderemi Adeoye presented Inspector Charity Oyor with the well-deserved cash reward. During the event, he commended both Inspector Oyor and Superintendent Ikpeama for their exemplary conduct and leadership.

He used the occasion to emphasize the importance of upholding the highest ethical standards within the police force, urging all personnel to resist any compromise in the execution of their duties.

Expressing her gratitude, Inspector Oyor thanked CP Adeoye for his generosity and vowed to continue her unwavering commitment to her profession. Superintendent Ikpeama echoed similar sentiments, acknowledging CP Adeoye’s exemplary leadership as a motivating force for the entire police force.

The ceremony was attended by Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Administration, DCP Peter Umoru Ozigi, underscoring the significance of this recognition within the ranks of the Anambra State Police Command.

The inspiring incident serves as a testament to the dedication and integrity displayed by Inspector Charity Oyor and the commitment of the Anambra State Police Command to uphold the highest standards of professionalism.

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