European- American University Honours Chief Dr. Charles Mba With Doctorate Degree


In recognition of his hard work, the European-American University Commonwealth of Dominica African Regional Operations, has awarded Chief Dr. Charles Mba with a Doctorate Degree.

Chief Charles Mba, the Chief Executive Officer of CDV Properties and Development Limited, a real estate development company, has not just carved a niche for himself as one of the biggest players in real estate business in Nigeria, but also a philanthropist per excellence.

Speaking at the press briefing after receiving the award, the Real Estate developer, Mba said his greatest challenge as estate developer, was unstable power supply and lack of good access roads.

He stated that corruption has been the key factor why Nigeria still remains underdeveloped. “The saint will be corrupt after being elected because when the good ones try to change the system they end up being corrupted by the system,” Mba said.

On improvement of buildings in the country, the expert urges the government to punish the builders responsible for any collapse buildings in the country, to help others learn their lesson.

Mba demonstrates the exact meaning of philanthropy by making a positive impact on the causes that matter to the people. Not only has he donated a substantial chunk of his wealth for the betterment of the society, he has also put in place a charge for other ultra-rich individuals to do the same in his state Enugu and beyond.

Charly Mba as he is fondly called by friends, has donated immensely through the Charly Mba Foundation, a charity organisation he established purposely to give scholarship to the indigent students from primary to university level.

Records show that Mba has successfully financed the graduation of engineers, medical doctors, nurses and other professionals through the Charly Mba Foundation. He is one of the pillars of education in Orba Community located at Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu and he has shown that commitment and dedication to curb illiteracy and poverty in the town through his foundation.

Despite his love for philanthropy, he doesn’t like to make headlines for his charitable donations and other achievements, rather, he has registered his name in the heart of his people through his educational and poverty alleviation initiatives.

Aside that, he has also been able to actualise a whole lot in the real estate industry especially in Lagos. His company CDV Properties and Development Limited is an indigenous and one of Nigeria’s leading Real Estate firms offering services in civil construction and property development.

CDV Properties and Development Limited can boost of an impressive portfolio of historical real estate landmarks in Nigeria. In order to provide various flexible plans on all its properties, CDV Properties and Development Limited finishes to taste to meet both medium and high Income earners as the company intends to bridge the gap in housing deficit across Nigeria.

Since the birth of the company, CDV Properties and Development Limited’s strategy is to build trusting relationships by keeping to promises and even exceeding clients expectations with its properties spread across Lagos.

Before venturing into real estate, upon graduation from the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), Mba embarked on a one year National Youth Service, after which he started his working career with Emzor Pharmaceutical Company where he worked for several years.

Mba even while growing up, apart from having a big dream, has always loved to be unique and outstanding in whatever he does. As someone that has the people at heart, he knew he could never achieve his big dream with a white collar job, thus, he established himself to be able to participate and contribute to the development of his immediate community. Thus, he ventured into the real estate which was eventually how the birth of CDV Properties & Development Ltd came about.

Obviously, the philanthropist has been doing so well as he has become a big player in the real estate industry. As an outstanding real estate developer who can boost of quality and functional estates in prime locations at affordable prices, he has become someone to be reckoned with.

Having houses and estates scattered across Lekki and environs, Mba’s company has grown to be classified among the first class and leading real estate companies in Lagos and beyond.

CDV Properties and Development Limited has successfully executed projects at CDV MINI, Whiteoak Estate, Southlake Homes Phase 1, 2 and 3, Diank Terraces and Applewood Estates and among others. His other business interest 34V Engineering Nigeria Ltd is also a major player in road construction. Mba is no doubt a fulfilled and successful man.

Mba’s entrepreneurial achievements, works of charity and philanthropy as well as community development have in the past few years earned him several honours and award which includes the Nigerian Entrepreneurs Award of Excellence; The Dignity of Man Award from the University of Nigeria Alumni Association, Lagos Branch; the Africa Prize for Leadership Excellence as The Property Development Personality of the year 2017; The Award of Outstanding Leadership Recognition & Inspirational Leadership, Excellence Award in West Africa by the Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics, Ghana on March 10, 2020.

The big one coming up later today at Ghana is the recognition by European American University Commonwealth of Dominican in University of Accra, Ghana, following Mba’s outstanding contribution to the real estate industry. He is to be honoured and decorated with the Award of a Doctorate Degree of Science (D.Sc) in Properties Development and Real Estates Management.

He sits on the board of so many companies as Chairman/Director which include Coutics Investment Ltd, CILAN Workforce Ltd and JASONS Academy.

Charly Mba is a proud and satisfied member of Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN). He is also a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute Of Public Resources Management & Politics, Ghana (CIPRMP).