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Enugu Police Commissioner Charges Senior Officers On Dedication To Duty, Policing Excellence


Aug 22, 2023

In a significant development, the recently appointed Commissioner of Police for Enugu State, CP Kanayo Uzuegbu, orchestrated a momentous inaugural conference at the Senior Police Officers Mess, Enugu.

The conference brought together an esteemed assembly of Senior Police Officers comprising the Command’s distinguished Management team, area Commanders, operational formations, tactical units, Divisional Police Officers, as well as section and unit heads.

A focal point of this remarkable gathering was CP Uzuegbu’s compelling address to the Supervisory Officers. With a resolute tone, he called upon them to remain steadfast and resolute in the execution of their responsibilities, thereby upholding the overarching objectives of the Nigeria Police Force.

Notwithstanding the formidable security challenges that confront our times, Uzuegbu asserted that the Enugu State Command, under his astute leadership, is steadfastly committed to fulfilling its obligations to the state’s citizens and the nation at large. He emphatically underscored the importance of unwavering dedication, urging the officers to avoid any negligence that might lead to indirect liability.

During his address, Uzuegbu reiterated the imperative of aligning with the policing vision set forth by the Acting Inspector-General of Police, IGP Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun. He passionately advocated for a seamless integration of utmost professionalism, firmness, and respect for the fundamental rights of every citizen in the course of their duties.

Furthermore, Uzuegbu unveiled a progressive and community-centered approach to policing, which he coined as the “G-3Ps”: Grassroots-driven, Proactive, People-oriented, and Problem-solving. This novel policing paradigm, he affirmed, is designed to bolster public security and safety across the state.

The conference marked a significant milestone in CP Uzuegbu’s tenure as the Commissioner of Police for Enugu State, signaling his unwavering commitment to fostering excellence within the ranks of the Enugu State Police Command. The event not only reinvigorated the officers’ sense of purpose but also set a promising trajectory for the advancement of law enforcement practices in the region.

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