• Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024


One thing that brought relief and joy is entertainment and it is not streamlined only to music blabbing via loud speakers alone but also involves having nice dish and chilled drinks gracing the table at least at a point when one feel like relaxing and enjoying the life while good and decent music is going along with it this entertainment at is best

Though it depends on whether one is entertaining himself or was been entertained. Either way the story today is not the same as entertainment in the country has shifted standard what is obtainable today is more or less a junk of what the past industry use to be.

Areas of entertainment include the television and the radio while the TV is for visual entertainment the radio is the hub for the audio which is majorly in music.

The television specialize in films, drama, movies, TV series, soap opera and tv shows and programs, while audio production in whatever form is the exclusive of the radio.

At present there is a huge gap between what these things use to be way back then to what it is now talking in terms of professionalism and desirable productions both in the drama and the music.

Though today’s practitioners do smile often to the banks unlike their contemporaries in the past but it seem like present days actors are just fortunate to be enjoy the privileged their progenitors worked for but never benefited even though they put a lot of hard work and resilience.

Very few among them were able to write their Names in gold while those of present days with inglorious vibes are carting away the cash and the fames. In particular concern is the music industry which today has become a nest for different type of unprintable social vices.

Emphasis is no more being place on message in the music unlike before when music is the next port of call after the Holy Books. Messages given by peoples like king Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, IK Dairo, Victor Nwaifo, e.t.c are still relevant till date as well as their music but the same cannot be said of musicians of today as most of them don’t sing beyond things like hard drugs, woman, money and rascality.

Very few are there that are singing song that can preform any other function in our system than to plunge us into frenzy and semi insanity. The worst part is that this absurdity is getting a lot of motivation and encouraging our youth to want to get messier with it as the good rubbishes are now kings on our airwaves.

Whether we can actually get things back to the way they use to be before in the days of Ayinla O, Oliver d’Couque, Christie Essen Igbokwe and the rest is now a million dollar question.

However and I believe that there are still few artiste whether currently in the industry or upcoming that want to put things only that the support currently is not there the audience are no longer thirsty for edifying songs but the one that will catapult them into another realm.

Meanwhile, I believe that as long as we still have few people who still demand good music, finding our way back to the drawing board might not still be totally out of the way.

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