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Emefiele Disputes Allegations Of Financial Misconduct, Vows Legal Action

ByHybrid News

Dec 25, 2023

In a press release following his release on bail from the Kuje Correctional Center, Godwin Emefiele, the former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), vehemently refuted allegations of financial impropriety leveled against him. Addressing publications by media outlets, citing a report by private investigator Jim Obazee appointed by the President, Emefiele labeled the contents as false, malicious, and designed to tarnish his reputation.

The embattled CBN Governor, restricted in his comments due to ongoing legal proceedings, highlighted specific discrepancies within the allegations. He countered claims that the Naira redesign lacked presidential approval, asserting that former President Muhammadu Buhari had sanctioned and affirmed the redesign, even presenting evidence handed over to Obazee during investigations.

Emefiele further contested allegations of a $6.23 million withdrawal from the CBN vault, purportedly on a falsified presidential directive bearing Buhari’s and the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation’s signatures. He challenged Obazee to disclose the alleged documents and Emefiele’s responses during their interaction, asserting ignorance of such directives.

Regarding the 593 overseas accounts, Emefiele vehemently denied involvement in their establishment or awareness of their existence, stressing that any activities pertaining to these accounts were beyond his purview. However, he acknowledged the CBN departments’ authority to conduct lawful activities within their mandates, distancing himself from any alleged impropriety.

Emefiele concluded by aligning himself with calls for a transparent investigation into the alleged financial irregularities, expressing determination to clear his name through legal means against the defamatory accusations.

The statement marks a staunch defense by Emefiele against the accusations, setting the stage for a legal battle to uphold his integrity amidst a cloud of controversy.

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