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DIKE-OCHIOHA 1: Commissioner of Police, Aderemi Adeoye Conferred With Chieftaincy Title in Ogbunka Kingdom

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Apr 28, 2024

In a colorful ceremony held at the palace of HRH Igwe Dr. Sir Amb. J.M. Anyaoha in Awuka Village, Ogbunka, Orumba South, Anambra State celebrated the conferment of a prestigious chieftaincy title on Commissioner of Police, CP Aderemi Adeoye. The title, Dike-Ochioha 1 of Ogbunka Kingdom, was officially bestowed in recognition of CP Adeoye’s contributions to community safety and harmony.

The event, sanctioned by the Anambra State government, saw a gathering of local dignitaries, community members, and law enforcement colleagues who came to witness this significant honor. HRH Igwe Dr. Sir Amb. J.M. Anyaoha, who presided over the ceremony, praised CP Adeoye for his exemplary service and dedication to the principles of justice and communal welfare.

“Today, we recognize a man whose professional life has significantly bolstered the peace and security of our community,” stated Igwe Anyaoha during the ceremony. “It is fitting that such a distinguished leader is honored with a title that reflects his valor and commitment to our people.”

The title Dike-Ochioha 1, which translates to “Great Warrior” in the local dialect, underscores CP Adeoye’s role in fostering a secure environment conducive to the growth and prosperity of Ogbunka Kingdom.

The ceremony included traditional dances, musical performances, and a feast, marking it as a day of joyous celebration. CP Adeoye expressed his gratitude and pledged to continue his efforts in promoting peace and unity within the community.

“This honor reaffirms my commitment to serve and protect with even greater zeal,” CP Adeoye remarked. “I am deeply humbled and motivated to uphold the trust and responsibility bestowed upon me by the great Ogbunka Kingdom.”

The conferment of this chieftaincy title not only recognizes CP Adeoye’s professional achievements but also strengthens the bonds between the law enforcement community and the people of Ogbunka, paving the way for continued collaboration and mutual respect.

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