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    Desmond Majekodunmi Appeals To Nigerians To Combat Climate Change

    ByHybrid Communications

    Jul 27, 2023

    In a world grappling with the devastating consequences of climate change, one man stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

    Desmond Majekodunmi, the visionary founder of the Lekki Urban Forestry and Animal Shelter Initiative (LUFASI), has embarked on a noble mission to safeguard the environment and combat the relentless onslaught of pollution.

    In a fervent plea to his fellow Nigerians, Majekodunmi champions the cause of tree planting, pollution reduction, forest preservation, and sustainable living, urging everyone to join him in this critical fight for the survival of our planet.

    Recently, an opportunity arose for Desmond Majekodunmi to address the media during a tour organized by the Lagos Business School (LBS) and Nestle Nigeria Plc to LUFASI Park in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.

    This tour served as a powerful platform to amplify his message and raise awareness about the pressing challenges faced by the environment.

    With fervor and conviction in his voice, Majekodunmi implored Nigerians to take immediate action. “Stop pollution, preserve biodiversity, protect forests, plant more trees, live a sustainable lifestyle, mitigate and adapt now,” he urged passionately.

    He emphasized the urgency of the situation, citing the damaging effects of human activities on the climate, which have led to a dangerous degeneration.

    “The life support system gifted to us by nature is in peril,” he lamented. “We are waging a war on nature, disregarding the scriptures that urge us to replenish the Earth, not destroy it. Without a healthy environment, our survival and the longevity of our future generations are at risk.”

    He drew attention to the simple yet profound role trees play in sustaining life on Earth. “Every green leaf you see gives us oxygen,” he explained, “but are we truly appreciating this gift? Our reckless actions are wreaking havoc on the delicate ecological balance, and if we fail to correct our course, a crisis of unimaginable proportions awaits us.”

    He expressed dismay at society’s reluctance to embrace cleaner and more sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, despite their increasing environmental cost. “There are numerous alternatives to fuel,” he emphasized, “but we persist in using it at the expense of our planet’s well-being. Protecting the environment should be our utmost priority.”

    He highlighted the poignant pleas of scientists regarding the impending dangers of climate change. “Despite their impassioned cries, we have failed to take the necessary actions to avert this crisis,” he lamented.

    He called for a united front, urging governments, businesses, and individuals to rise above their differences and work together for the greater good.

    Drawing attention to another pressing issue, Majekodunmi cautioned against the reckless practice of sandfilling the sea without due consideration for its ecological consequences. “If you want to sandfill the sea,” he stressed, “you must justify it. I implore the media to question and scrutinize any such activity they encounter.”

    Desmond Majekodunmi’s heartfelt appeal stands as a rallying cry for Nigerians and the global community to act decisively in the face of climate change.

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