• Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

DECEPTION UNVEILED: River Park Estate “Kidnapping” A Clever Fraud Ploy

In a startling revelation, the FCT Police Command dispels rumors of a kidnapping at River Park Estate, exposing a meticulously planned deception. Investigations disclose that Nnandi Agu from Games Village deliberately staged his own disappearance, aiming to defraud his unsuspecting brother within the estate.

Agu now finds himself in police custody, undergoing rigorous interrogation as authorities work to unravel the motive behind this elaborate hoax. The incident highlights the lengths some individuals go to manipulate their own family members for personal gain.

SP Josephine Adeh, the Public Relations Officer for FCT, assures the public that ongoing investigations will be transparently communicated. As the pieces of this intriguing puzzle come together, stay tuned for updates on this unfolding narrative.

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