• Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

    CUSTOMS: Federal Operations Unit Zone A Nabs 103 Smugglers, Seizes 77 Trailers Of Rice, Goods Worth N7.1 Billion In 6 Months

    “Seeks additional storage space for seizures”

    In the first half of the year 2022, the Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, Federal Operations Unit A reported that it had detained 103 suspected smugglers and seized smuggled goods totaling N7.1 billion.

    DC Hussein Kehinde Ejibunu, the Unit’s acting Controller, revealed this in Lagos at a news conference on the unit’s half-year activities. He also said that among the seizures were 77 trailer loads of imported parboiled rice.

    He claims that he is committed to consistently apprehending criminals, seizing contraband, and discouraging them from continuing their illegal activities as it’s dangerous to Nigeria economy.

    The Unit head provided the following breakdown of the goods seized during the reviewed period: 77 trailer loads’ worth of 45,928 bags of foreign parboiled rice, 265,830 liters of Premium Motor Spirit, 2,933 bales of used clothing, 233 cartons of Tramadol (225 mg each), 83 packs of 225 mg, 65 used cars, and 2,933 bales of used clothing are also included on the list.

    14,784 used tires, 119 used motorcycles, and 3,659.05 kg of Indian hemp are among the additional things.

    DC Ejibunu expressed gratitude to Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali, Comptroller General of Customs, for providing the Unit with logistical support and other forms of inspiration.

    He claims that in order to accommodate more storage space for seizures, requests for increased Authority to Incure Expenses (AIE) have been made because certain office space, such as the correspondence office, has been converted for rice storage.

    The anti-smuggling campaigns have been successful thanks to constant watchfulness and the deployment of intelligence in the ports and border crossing areas. Thirdly, I must applaud the professionalism of the staff in accordance with the laws currently in effect.

    “In general, the improved logistics provided by the management of the Service Headquarters, inter-agency collaboration with sister security agencies, esteemed stakeholders, as well as patriotic citizens for providing useful and timely information, are the foundations on which the entire success of the Unit is based,” he said.

    On this occasion, the Controller informed the business community that “even if parts of the land boundaries were reopened, it is noteworthy to be reminded and to know that, they were reopened for legal firms.”

    For suitable guidance, importers, agents, and the general public are urged to become familiar with the federal government’s fiscal policies, current Customs laws, and the import and export prohibition lists.

    According to the information provided, the Unit received N577, 853, 457.96 (fifty-seven billion, eight hundred and fifty-three thousand, four hundred and fifty-seven naira, and ninety-six kobo) as revenue from underpayments.

    “We shall continue to enable legal and compliant traders to expand our local economy, while we sustain intentional actions aimed at discouraging rebellious dealers, as shown in the volume of seizures presented,” he stated in his closing remarks.

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