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CUSTOMS: CGC Strike Force Zone ‘A’ Waxes Stronger With Improved Seizures

The Comptroller General of Customs (CGC) Strike Force Zone ‘A’ of the Nigeria Customs Service, NCS has continued to record amazing performance accounts on her oversight role in the battle against nefarious activities of smugglers and duty evaders still operating within the South-West region of the nation.

With a specific function at the direct instance of the CGC, Col. Hameed Ali (Rtd) which is aimed at further fortification, complementing efforts of already existing enforcement units in the zone, such as the Federal Operations Unit, various command’s enforcement units, others, for efficiency reasons, the CGC Strike Force, Zone ‘A’ has been achieving results of huge magnitude without blowing its trumpet.

Since the advent of a Deputy Comptroller (DC) Mohammed Sanni Yusuf as the Coordinator of the unit few months ago, serious anti-smuggling war against recalcitrant smugglers and duty evaders have been an ongoing exercise, with massive seizures and revenue evidently recorded in this regard.

The highly dedicated and forward looking enforcement operatives of the Unit have continued to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are in control of the anti-smuggling struggle as they are carrying out the onerous task with all enduring vigour irrespective of whose goose is gored, and leaving no stone unturned.

Hybrid News Nigeria gathered that the Strike Force record of performance have so far continued to unprecedentedly progress in a geometric manner, with the month of March achieving double records from double efforts.

First quarter performance record of the CGC Strike Force Team, Zone ‘A’ shows significantly improved efforts over the past years in the areas of number of seizures and its value, as well as revenues accrued from underpayment recovery on suspected importations that were detained.

The first quarter performance record shows a whooping total collection of N1,501,165,189.00 that was realized from underpayment recovery as revenue, while the field enforcement operatives through vigorous anti-smuggling campaign were able to record a total number of 33 seizures of various contraband items with a Duty Paid Value (DPV) of N530,292,365.00 from various part of the Zone.

In a comparative breakdown of the performance report as positive achievements progresses geometrically, January recorded an underpayment revenue recovery of N390,113,541.00, while the seizure performance for the month had a DPV of N15,206,400.00 from two (2) seizures, while performance activities for the month of February saw a total of N359,452,729.00 being realized as revenue from underpayment recovery, as 10 seizures with a DPV of N27,804,000.00 were made from the unit’s anti-smuggling efforts for February.

The month of March however stole the show from the first two (2) months record of the unit with the collection of a huge sums of N751,598,919.00 from underpayment recovery, more than double of previous collections. The month also had a superior seizure achievement with a total of 21 seizures made which constitute N487,281,965.00 DPV.

With this impressive feat which the Coordinator of the CGC Strike Force Team ‘A’, DC Yusuf prays to continue in this positive direction, the unit would surely be a Force to reckon with as Customs continued to wage war against activities of smuggling and its vices.

Hyacinth Beluchukwu Nwafor

Hyacinth Beluchukwu Nwafor is a seasoned journalist and the CEO/Founder Belch Digital Communications, publishers of Hybrid News Nigeria.

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