CP Ali Concludes Courtesy Tour Within State


The Commissioner of Police of Delta State, CP Ari Muhammed Ali has concluded his courtesy tour within the sisters’ agencies in the State.

CP Ali started the courtesy tour from 15th March 2021 ends on the 19th of March 2021, saw the CP visit to the office of the Director of State security service in Delta state.

Mr Ademola Adebiyi, the Commander FRSC Delta sector, Corps Commander Uche peter Wihioka, Nigeria Navy ship, Naval Base Warri, Nigeria Airforce Delta state were among office the CP visited.

During the CP tour, he also expressed his desire for peaceful co-existence between the police and members of other sisters agencies, as only a close partnership and co-operation between the police and these agencies will help in curbing the insecurity in the state.

All the agencies visited by the CP appreciated the commissioners’ visit. They stressed the need to be on the same page with the police as the police is the lead agency when it comes to security in the state.

During the CPs tour, he also visited federal medical center (FMC) Asaba, where he pleaded with the medical director FMC Asaba DR Victor A. Osiatuma that any patient with gunshot injuries should be treated even without police report, as it is important to save life first, that after saving life, then the police can be informed for further action, but save life first.

The CP also visited NNPC, DESOPADEC, DPR, NIGERIA PORT AUTHORITY, all in Warri Delta state, admonishing them to all continue to work with the police.