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Controversy Surrounds Lagos-Calabar Coastal Road Project

ByHybrid News

May 5, 2024

Questions are arising about the viability and intentions behind the ambitious Lagos-Calabar Coastal Road project, as citizens express concerns over its practicality and true purpose. The project, which aims to connect Lagos to Calabar along the coastal regions, involves traversing the challenging delta and swampy lagoons of the Niger Delta, a task that has raised skepticism regarding the feasibility of constructing extensive bridges across such expansive bodies of water.

Critics argue that the project’s initial phase, starting in Lagos and particularly around the Eko Atlantic City, appears to be disproportionately prioritized. They speculate that the focus on the Lagos segment, projected to cost a whopping N1 trillion for just 47 kilometers, might be more about benefiting private real estate developments like Eko Atlantic rather than addressing broader transportation needs. Notably, Eko Atlantic is partly owned by influential figures such as the Chagoury Group and a political heavyweight, reportedly linked to the Works Minister overseeing the project.

Further concerns include the absence of a bidding process and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), essentials for a project of such scale, hinting at a lack of transparency and due diligence. Comparisons are drawn to the Eastern corridor’s East-West Road, which, despite decades of development, remains incomplete and in disrepair, highlighting inefficiencies and mismanagement within similar infrastructural initiatives.

The discourse also touches on broader implications, suggesting that the considerable funds allocated to the coastal road could instead revitalize a plethora of deteriorating federal roads across Nigeria. As suspicions about financial misappropriation for political campaigns loom, the public’s trust in this mega project’s execution remains precarious.

This development has prompted calls for a more balanced approach, starting construction from the Calabar end to demonstrate a genuine commitment to improving nationwide infrastructure rather than serving localized interests. The situation continues to unfold as more stakeholders weigh in on the potential impacts of this massive undertaking.

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