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Content Creator harps on passion, consistency to stay relevant

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Jun 10, 2023

A content creator, Abdullahi Maina on Saturday said that passion and consistency are key to staying relevant in the entertainment industry.

Maina, a comedian, food critic and chef in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) said a person should be passionate about his craft to connect with the audience.

According to Maina, content creating has gone beyond just creating videos or designing graphics but engaging the audience in meaningful conversations.

“Content creating is a creative process that requires both consistency and passion. It’s not just about creating videos or designing graphics but connecting with your audience and engaging them in meaningful conversations.

“In order to stay relevant, a content creator must be consistent with his craft. This means staying true to topics they are passionate about.

“We should strive to create quality contents that resonates with our audience and keeps them coming back for more.

“A content creator should also be versatile, willing to experiment with different types of content in order to keep things fresh and interesting.

“By combining consistency with passion, content creators can ensure that their work remains relevant over time and continues to engage their audience,” he said.

The multi-talented comedian with about 12million followers on TikTok said he loves to put smile on people’s faces with his jokes and amusing skits.

“I am a multi-talented individual who is passionate about creativity and always looking for new ways to express my talents.

“I am also knowledgeable about different types of cuisine and can provide valuable recommendations for food lovers.

“For instance, food is something i am passionate about. No man hates food and there is more than enough food in this world to discover. As the world is diverse, the food world is too.

“As an entertainer, I’m able to utilize my knowledge and passion to captivate my audience and create an engaging atmosphere wherever I go,” he said.

Maina who also has a YouTube channel where he talks about different types of food said content creators should embrace technology which makes their work easy and also help them stay relevant.

“Content creators should also embrace technology, i mean A.I has made my life easier from editing, planning and also creating scripts for me to use in a couple of my food blogs.

“Years from now, I would be making contents for my businesses so there is need to stay updated with new technologies that help reach and engage your audience,” he said.

Speaking on his challenges, Maina said he started creating contents in 2019 and had sometimes got racial attacks which he didn’t let bring him down.

According to him him “hate only comes when success is sensed and I always try staying relevant by making people laugh and happy.”

He further urged government to invest more in the creative industry so as to create more opportunities for creatives and also encourage those in the industry.

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