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CONMMEP Calls For Action To Harness Nigeria’s Marine Resources

ByHybrid News

Mar 6, 2024

The Congress of Nigerian Maritime Media Practitioners (CONMMEP) has raised concerns over Nigeria’s underutilization of its vast marine resources despite its significant potential. With an annual trade worth estimated at $24 trillion within the maritime sector, CONMMEP highlights the missed opportunities for Nigeria, given its extensive coastline spanning 830km and 200 nautical miles into the ocean.

The recent establishment of the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy was initially met with optimism. However, CONMMEP criticizes the perceived lack of effective leadership within the ministry, hindering the sector’s growth and development.

The organization also highlights systemic challenges within the maritime sector, including cumbersome bureaucratic processes, security issues, and infrastructure deficiencies. Instances of conflict, such as the recent altercation at Tin-Can Island Port, underscore the urgent need for resolution and cooperation among stakeholders.

Moreover, CONMMEP points out the inefficiencies in cargo clearance processes, citing delays, exploitation by shipping companies, and illegal practices by security operatives. These issues contribute to financial losses and undermine the competitiveness of Nigerian businesses.

Despite the Nigeria Customs Service being tasked with a significant revenue target, CONMMEP urges Minister for Marine and Blue Economy, Adegboyega Oyetola, to prioritize addressing the sector’s challenges, particularly amidst economic challenges facing the country.

In conclusion, CONMMEP calls for decisive action to address the prevailing issues and tap into Nigeria’s marine resources effectively. The organization emphasizes the importance of prudent resource management and urges stakeholders to work towards sustainable solutions for the benefit of the nation’s economy and businesses.

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