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    Commander NNS Beecroft Rear Admiral Abdulrasheed Haruna Bids Farewell, Leaves Legacy Of Maritime Security

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    Jun 18, 2023

    In a grand farewell parade held on June 16, 2023, Rear Admiral Abdulrasheed Haruna bid farewell to his tenure as the 55th Commander of NNS Beecroft.

    The event celebrated his remarkable achievements during his command, which encompassed securing maritime waters, enhancing personnel welfare, and fostering collaboration with various stakeholders.

    Under Rear Admiral Haruna’s guidance, NNS Beecroft embarked on a resolute mission to combat sea robbery, illegal oil bunkering, drug trafficking, and other related crimes within the base’s operational area. The Base’s operations led to numerous arrests and prosecutions, including the interception of a staggering 463 parcels of marijuana, with an estimated value of one billion Naira, and the seizure of over 25 large wooden boats laden with contraband goods such as foreign rice and petroleum products.

    The constabulary role of NNS Beecroft was also commendable, as the Base responded to distress calls from mariners, rescuing stowaways and crew members in perilous situations. Notably, the successful evacuation of 10 out of 12 crew members from the capsized fishing trawler OLOKUN 12 exemplified the Base’s commitment to preserving lives in the maritime environment.

    Recognizing the significance of personnel welfare, Rear Admiral Haruna placed a high priority on improving the living conditions and overall morale of NNS Beecroft’s personnel. Initiatives included upgrading accommodation facilities, constructing modern restrooms, and ensuring timely annual and compassionate leaves. These efforts resulted in a positive impact on individual and collective performance, contributing to the success of the Base’s operations.

    Collaboration with key stakeholders played a pivotal role in NNS Beecroft’s achievements. Liaison with the Lagos State Government led to the allocation of land for the establishment of FOB Lekki, while collaboration with the Nigerian Ports Authority facilitated the provision of berthing spaces and tug services, enhancing operational capabilities.

    Additionally, partnerships with oil companies, container terminals, and other government agencies resulted in ongoing road reconstructions, easing access to and from the Base for administrative and operational purposes.

    Expressing his gratitude, Rear Admiral Haruna acknowledged the unwavering support and trust of Vice Admiral Awwal Zubairu Gambo, the Chief of the Naval Staff, and Rear Admiral JD Akpan, the Flag Officer Commanding Western Naval Command. He also commended the cooperation received from sister services, law enforcement agencies, government entities, and maritime industry stakeholders, whose collaboration played a vital role in accomplishing the Base’s mission.

    Rear Admiral Haruna extended his heartfelt appreciation to his Executive Officer, heads of departments, officers, ratings, and civilian staff for their dedication and loyalty in building a formidable team. He emphasized the importance of continued collaboration under his successor’s leadership and concluded by expressing gratitude to the Almighty for the opportunities and achievements throughout his tenure.

    As Rear Admiral AM Haruna departs, his legacy at NNS Beecroft will be remembered as a period marked by significant contributions to maritime security, enhanced personnel welfare, and strengthened collaborations. The Nigerian Navy bids farewell to a distinguished leader and welcomes the next chapter in the continued pursuit of safety and prosperity in its waters.

    The Incoming NNS BEECROFT Commander, Kolawale Oguntuga said a lot has been achieved by the Nigerian Navy, under the leadership of the CNS and that there will definitely be continuity.

    “The tremendous achievement that has been made will be sustained. I am going to be guided by the directive of the CNS in other to male sure the waterways is rid of maritime crime like piracy, illegal unregulated or unreported fishing and whatsoever crimes.

    “I know my successor had also done a lot and I intend to sustain what he has done. I am sure you re also aware that due to the effort of the Nigerian Navy, Nigeria was removed from piracy prone countries in March 2022.

    “That is a great achievement under the auspices of the current CNS and I also intend to sustain this and make sure the maritime environment is free for legitimate businesses to thrive and in order to sustain the economic prosperity of our great nation.

    “Its not a problem because we have been sustaining patrol in that General area and I want you to understand that the Nigerian Navy is state of the art technology to sustain a 24hour surveillance of the maritime environment.

    “This will enable us to have result oriented, result driven patrol in order to safe cost. I am sure youbre aware of what is happening now in regards to resources.

    “That will however not hinder our operations because we will capitalise on this technology so that our vessels will just be vectored to where they are needed at a particular time so the men are ready to sustain what has been achieved.

    “I also want to assure you that this area is not a place for anyone to perpetrate any illegality because the Nigeria Navy will be aggressive when it comes to security of the maritime environment to ensure economic prosperity of our beloved country.” He said.

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