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Citizen Media Launches Election Report To Educate Young Nigerians In Politics

ByHybrid News

Jun 21, 2023

Zikoko Citizen, an online medium, on Tuesday launched a platform titled: ‘Citizen Election Report: Navigating Nigeria’s Political’, to educate the youth on governance.

Todah Opeyemi, Senior Editor, Zikoko Citizen, said in Lagos that the platform would offer insights for young Nigerians and individuals interested in the country’s governance and election history.

He said that the platform would help every young Nigerian, both in Nigeria and abroad to understand politics, policy, governance and for decision making.

“It is a web and social media-based platform that provides news analysis to Nigeria’s population in places where they reside.

“The platform is like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok,” he said.

He said that the platform would serve as a definitive guide to Nigeria’s political landscape from 1999 to date.

“It offers valuable insights and analysis for young Nigerians and individuals interested in understanding the country’s electoral history.

“The Citizen Election Report provides a detailed examination of Nigeria’s political scene, covering key milestones, challenges, and reforms that have shaped the country’s democracy.

“The report also offers a comprehensive overview of Nigeria’s political journey; from the transition to the Fourth Republic; to the impact of new media and digital technologies on electoral process,” he said.

Its Editor-in-Chief, Muhammed Akinyemi, said that political literacy and engagement were crucial for the future of Nigeria.

“The citizen election report is a powerful resource that empowers young Nigerians with the knowledge and understanding they need to actively participate in shaping Nigeria’s political landscape.

“The report was meticulously curated by a team of experienced researchers, journalists, analysts, and editors who have delved deep into Nigeria’s electoral history,” he said.

According to him, it is the result of extensive research, data analysis, and insights from key stakeholders in Nigeria’s political and civic engagement ecosystem.

Akinyemi expressed gratitude for the support and contributions from the team of researchers and project partners who helped in bringing the report to fruition.

He encouraged readers of the platform to share the download link with their networks and engage in meaningful discussions around Nigeria’s political journey using the #CitizenElectionReport

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