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CGC Dissolves Strike Force Teams, Directs Officers To Return to Area Commands


Jul 18, 2023

The Comptroller-General of Customs (CGC), Bashir Adewale Adeniyi has approved the dissolution of the CGC’s Strike Force Teams, citing a new strategic direction for the organization.

Circular No. 004, issued by the CGC’s office, directs all officers under the teams to immediately return to their respective Area Commands or Units.

The dissolution of the Strike Force Teams marks a shift in the operational structure of the Customs agency, aiming to enhance efficiency and streamline operations. The circular outlines specific instructions for the seamless transition of responsibilities and assets back to the originating commands.

Under the directive, the Strike Force Team Coordinators in each zone (A, B, C & HQ) have been entrusted with crucial responsibilities to ensure a smooth and organized handover process.

These responsibilities include the proper handover of arms, ammunition, and operational vehicles to their respective Area Commands, Units, or Headquarters.

All arms and ammunition are to be accounted for and securely handed over to the designated authorities. Operational vehicles, on the other hand, are to be returned to the Controllers of the Federal Operation Units (FOU), and detailed reports of the handovers are to be forwarded to the Headquarters.

The Coordinator of the HQ Strike Force Team is responsible for retiring operational vehicles to the Comptroller of Transport & Logistics.

In addition to physical assets, the circular emphasizes the importance of transferring crucial records and information to ensure the continuity of operations.

Records of detentions, seizures, cases in court, and any other vital information are to be handed over to the Controllers of the Federal Operation Units across the Zones.

The Coordinator of the HQ Strike Force Team is entrusted with retiring all records under their custody to the office of the Deputy Comptroller-General of Enforcement, Investigations, and Inspection.

The dissolution comes as part of ongoing efforts to optimize Customs operations and align with the evolving needs of the organization.

By redirecting officers to their respective commands and streamlining asset management, the CGC aims to bolster overall effectiveness and improve the agency’s ability to tackle illicit trade activities.

The Customs agency is confident that this strategic realignment will further enhance their ability to safeguard national interests, protect revenue, and maintain law and order at the country’s borders.

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