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Barewa College Refutes Kogi SDP Guber Candidate’s Claim Of Attendance, Casting Doubt On Testimonial


Jun 9, 2023

Barewa College, located in Zaria, has categorically denied the assertions made by Muritala Yakubu, the Governorship Candidate of the Social Democratic Party for the upcoming November 11, 2023 election in Kogi State, that he was a former student of the institution.

Responding to a request from Prof. Hassan Isah, a member of the Kogi East Elders Forum, seeking authentication of a testimonial presented by Yakubu, the Principal of Barewa College, Alhassan Isyaku, explicitly stated that the governorship candidate had never been enrolled at the school.

The leaked response, titled “Re-Authentication of Testimonial: Muritala Yakubu B 14667,” which was made public on Friday, contained the following statement from the school’s principal: “In reference to your letter dated 30th May 2023 regarding the subject matter above, I am writing to inform you that the individual mentioned was not a student at Barewa College, Zaria. After conducting thorough investigations utilizing resources such as the 1995 Admissions register, the 1998 WAEC gazette, the list of admissions, and class files, we could not locate any record of the aforementioned student. We trust that this information will be helpful.”

If the claims made by Barewa College are indeed accurate, Muritala Yakubu may face legal repercussions for engaging in forgery, which is a criminal offense.

In his letter dated 30th May 2023, personally signed by Prof. Isah, the Kogi East Elders Forum member requested verification of the gubernatorial candidate’s educational background, attaching the testimonial issued to Yakubu by the prestigious institution.

The letter, addressed to the Principal of Barewa College, expressed gratitude in advance for any assistance in confirming the provided information.

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