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Authorities Crack Down On Illegal Covering Of Vehicle Number Plates

ByHybrid News

Dec 17, 2023

In recent developments, authorities are issuing a stern warning against the illegal practice of covering vehicle number plates. Under the “Know Your Law” campaign targeting vehicle-related offenses, law enforcement agencies emphasize that obscuring number plates is not just wrong but also constitutes a criminal offense.

“It is imperative for all vehicle owners and drivers to ensure their registration numbers are visible at all times,” stated a spokesperson from the traffic management agencies. The only exceptions to this rule are the designated pennant officers and the heads of the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches, who are allowed to display pennants or flags on their official vehicles. However, stringent guidelines accompany this privilege.

Officials with pennants or flags on their vehicles are mandated to retract these markings after 6 pm or whenever they are not present in the vehicle while it’s in motion. Additionally, their official seals or ranks, especially in the case of military or police personnel, should be prominently displayed alongside the registration numbers or the covered flags during these times.

Law enforcement agencies are intensifying efforts to apprehend violators of this regulation, considering it a criminal act that promotes recklessness and lawlessness. The campaign aims to raise awareness and encourage collective action against this practice.

“We urge officers and traffic management agencies to actively pursue and penalize any individuals found violating this law,” emphasized the spokesperson. “This initiative seeks to curb reckless behavior and deter crimes done with impunity on our roads.”

The public is called upon to support this initiative by adhering to the regulations and reporting any observed violations to the relevant authorities. Authorities assert that collective cooperation is crucial in eliminating this illegal practice and maintaining lawfulness on the roads.

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