• Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

    Anambra Thrives With Vibrant Commercial Activities As Traders Defy Illegal Sit-at-Home Order And Open Markets

    Following the directives of Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, traders, and commercial banks in Anambra State have decided to disregard the illegal sit-at-home order issued by non-state actors.

    As a result, Anambra State remains vibrant, with bustling activities everywhere.

    A few days ago, Governor Soludo held meetings with various stakeholders in the state, including market people and commercial bank managers, urging them to ignore the unlawful sit-at-home order imposed by some unscrupulous individuals.

    The traders and banks in Anambra State wholeheartedly complied with the governor’s directives and have reopened their shops and businesses, operating without any hindrance.

    Notably, Onitsha’s main market, one of the largest commercial centers in the state, was teeming with activity, with people going about their daily engagements freely.

    The routine operations of commercial buses and tricycles proceeded without any fear of anticipated trouble.

    Similarly, at the Nkwo Nnewi motorcycle spare parts market, containers and trucks owners were busy unloading goods and transporting them to respective shops and warehouses.

    In other key cities such as Ekwulobia and Eke Awka markets, business activities were in full swing, and banks were open for customers to conduct their transactions without any fear of molestation or intimidation.

    Governor Soludo’s directive to shun the illegal sit-at-home order has been fully embraced by the people of Anambra State.

    He had previously emphasized the negative socioeconomic effects of the sit-at-home order, urging all ndi Anambra to completely reject it.

    Reports from across the state show that the people are relieved and grateful for the governor’s bold actions in curbing these illegal sit-at-home orders.

    One trader, Mrs. Ann Okoye, expressed her weariness with the sit-at-home order, noting that it has caused them to lose patronage to neighboring markets in Delta State, such as Asaba market.

    Overall, the people of Anambra State are appreciative of Governor Soludo’s efforts in putting an end to the disruptive sit-at-home orders and allowing them to go about their lawful activities without fear.

    The state’s vibrancy and resilience are evident as businesses thrive, thanks to the collective determination to resist unlawful directives.

    “How can you tell us to sit at home when there is no food in the house? Those that do the daily job and get paid daily are suffering more and they have families to take care of”. One of the traders further lamented but full gratitude to Governor Soludo

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