• Sun. May 26th, 2024

Anambra State Police Dismiss Claims of Soldier Deaths As False, Mischievous

The Anambra State Police Command has officially refuted reports circulating online and in some national dailies about the alleged killing of 21 soldiers in Anambra, labeling these claims as completely untrue and the result of malicious intent.

The report in question, which has been widely shared across various media platforms, claimed that 21 soldiers had been killed by gunmen in the state and that their bodies were being stored in a local hospital in Awka. The State Police Command, after thorough verification, stated that the hospital mentioned does not exist and that there are no records or evidence to support any such incident.

“The report is a product of fiction and the handiwork of mischief-makers aimed at creating unnecessary tension within the state,” stated SP Tochukwu Ikenga, Police Public Relations Officer for Anambra State. The police have conducted extensive checks and confirmed that the alleged incident never occurred.

The Command expressed its dismay over the spread of such harmful falsehoods and warned that it would utilize relevant cyber laws to take action against individuals found to be spreading such misleading information.

SP Ikenga urged the public to remain calm and to disregard the fictitious report. “We encourage everyone to rely only on verified news sources and to contribute to the maintenance of peace and order in our community by not propagating unverified information,” he added.

This statement from the police aims to reassure the public and mitigate any unrest or panic that might have been caused by the false report.

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