• Fri. May 24th, 2024

Anambra State has been a beehive of activities over the past 7 days as each Political Party, gets ready for the D-day, November 6th 2021, by attempting to conduct their primaries as mandated by the Electoral Act of Nigeria, and they have not disappointed in their quest to beat the deadline and thus, be eligible to field a candidate for the soon-to-be Agu Awka position by 2022.

While elections are deemed as do or die affair in most parts of the world, Anambra State despite having its many flaws, remains the safest and most peaceful States as regards elections and the baggage that comes with it, all thanks to the maturity and mindset of Ndi Anambra and their reverence for the sanctity of life which is why no matter how heated or charged the atmosphere gets, it never crosses the rubicon of anarchy even if one or two persons end up with pieces of broken bottles in their heads or backsides.

As the race heats up, the pretenders in the form of APGA, APC and PDP have been involved in various forms of theatrics during their primaries, which is indicative of platforms with absolutely nothing to offer while the obvious favourite, the Young Progressives Party, has been outstanding and outrightly spot on in all they have done thus far

The YPP was the first Political party to hold her primaries which was not just hitch free but highly organised, composed, tranquil, orderly and devoid of any bad blood, court injunctions or negative baggage of any kind. It was one of a kind that such hasn’t been witnessed in Nigeria as a whole since 1999. The process produced Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah as the YPP flagbearer, to the joy and unanimous cheering of all and sundry.

You would be forgiven for thinking that other parties would have adopted the same mentality and approach as the YPP but that would be a blatant mistake on your part cause if you bet on it, your ticket go cut into a million pieces.

The APGA was next in holding their primaries but it was marred with various scandalous developments like the absence of key stakeholders like Ekperima Oye, attendance of just 6 State House of Assembly members and a flurry of court injunctions and near misses which prove that it is all but over for the once regional political party. The isu imi moment which was caught on camera by Victor Umeh to Soludo, summarises everything You need to know about APGA and proves that we are witnessing the final moments of the party which has been a disgrace, embarrassment and an machinery of sabotage against Ndi Igbo and themselves.

The APC even though they have virtually no presence nor weight in Anambra State, couldn’t still organise their little numbers into having a hitch free Primaries. The pretenders are obviously clueless and lack every iota of self belief because they know that they are just the aturu sogwalu eghu in this Gubernatorial Election as they have absolutely no footing in the State but even then, their Primaries couldn’t hold which shows just how useless and unprepared they are.

Lastly, the greatest entertainers of the Anambra Political Circle, the only Party that can dance azonto to pericoma songs and provide fresh new episodes of drama, intrigue, lies, suspense, deceit and sabotage than all TV shows combined, the PDP also attempted to hold its Primaries. As a matter of fact, PDP Anambra State records more cases daily than Covid19 and they haven’t disappointed thus far in their attempt to conduct Primaries. Riddled with court injunctions and counter injunctions, the PDP has 2 factions running parallel Primaries and if that’s not intriguing enough, the PDP threw in punches, slaps and few broken bottles in the mix to spice up the State which makes for far better viewing than the Big Brother Reunion Show.

From the activities of these political platforms, it is clear without a shred of doubt that the YPP is the only one with a clear cut agenda, united and poised to peacefully lead Ndi Anambra to the promised land because charity begins at home and if the pretenders can act in like manner against themselves, then Ndi Anambra might be in for another kidnapping of a Sitting Governor or the granting of more rights to cows than humans or the signing of 10,000 MoUs which will be fake and not feasible but with the YPP, Ndi Anambra will be led with focus, drive and vision, in accordance with the Rule of Law and Due Process with Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah as the Governor, a new Anambra State is possible because it will be the ASSET of West Africa.

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