ANAMBRA ELECTION: Peter Obi Made Special Call To PDP Delegates


Peter Obi is no ordinary guy. He carries a lot of impetus, and when he speaks one could deduct a lot of wisdom in such speeches. I watched him at Ekwueme Square on the day Senator Uche Ekwunife held a worldwide Thanksgiving Service. He made a spectacular speech among which are; “if you go in anything with Senator Uche Ekwunife, be sure to achieve positive results”. This speech was like a Clarion call, a notice. But it took some people present that day to understand what the leader of PDP is saying.

At Ekwulobia, Aguata Local Government, when he was addressing the PDP Party faithful, during his Christmas/Easter visit to Party faithful, he made another speech, in fact, a special plea to the Delegates. “Make sure you vote for a person who can win election. Someone who understands how to win election. Vote for someone who will be leading like a masquerade, and we all will be following from behind. Vote for someone who will work for the State, not someone who will pocket our money”. This is the summary of his speech. And what the former Governor was simply asking from Delegates is give me “winnable” candidates”, and we will do the rest.

This special appeal is like a cry. PDP has been out of power for 14 years in Anambra State, and we are looking for someone who can break that jinx. He understands that there is only one person who can fit into that mould of an election czar; someone with massive winning experience.

My understanding is that we have only one person, who fits into that mould. Someone with four winning victory caps. That person is Senator Uche Ekwunife, (Iyom). Two House of Representatives victories, and two Senatorial District victories. These are no mean achievements. Iyom is an election winning machine. It’s a heavenly gift, which confounds everyone. Iyom is also a working Senator. Her accomplishments are litany and her heart is that of a caring leader, who understands the plight of the people. So the two things His Excellency, Peter Obi asked for are imbedded in Iyom; work and winning. What else are we looking for.

So indirectly, Gov Peter Obi may be asking for a ticket for the Distinguished Senator, but without naming names. His past experience speaks volumes of his present mind set.

Elections are not won on sentiments, they are won on solid plots, plans and methodical executions. This is where Iyom is a master. I believe, like all PDP Stakeholders and leaders that the Delegates will do the needful and give our leader a “winnable candidate”, so that he will do the needful.