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Anambra 2021: NUF Wants Aspirants, Parties To Play By The Rules.

ByHybrid News

Feb 2, 2021

As the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), formally announced the time table for the governorship race in Anambra State, November, this year the Ndigbo Unity Forum (NUF) called on the stakeholders to play by the rules.

The group in a statement made available to newsmen in Awka, Anambra State during the weekend advised aspirants to go out and market themselves to the people of the State instead of thinking and plotting to win the election through the unorthodox means.

The statement signed by the President General of the group Dede Uzor A. Uzor, decried the manner in which some political parties and aspirants were said to be working hard to undermine electoral process with a view to rigging themselves into office.

But the group warned those aspirants and political parties of the dire consequences of such action and therefore asked them to perish such plot because it cannot work out in Anambra State.

The group said that opposition have a lot of issues to campaign with because the incumbent has failed the people and become complacent, which has provided them a lot of windows to expose the weaknesses of the ruling All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA).

Unfortunately, said NUF, the opposition has not taken this advantage to take APGA to the cleaners, rather they want to circumvent the electoral system and become the governor of the State by default, which the cannot happen.

They decried the poor performance by APGA which may deny them the opportunity to produce Governor Willie Obiano’s successor, accusing the Governor Obiano of being complacent with power.

They lamented that APGA has abandoned the development agenda for the state, hence the growing infrastructural decay in the State.

They said the roads in the State are virtually in deplorable condition due to lack of government attention.

“There is no portable drinking water anywhere in the State. There is lawlessness everywhere.

People are suffering and the Government is indifferent. There is no basic infrastructures” they said.

The group also challenged the INEC and the security operatives to follow all the laid down rules and regulations guiding the election, instead of working for a particular party.

The group said INEC has an ample time to plan to conduct free and fair election, stating that with this long period of planning there should be no room for malfunctioning or short supply of equipment during the election. NUF president warned.

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