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American Chef At GTBank Food Festival Finds Love In Nigerian Potato-And-Beans Pottage

ByHybrid News

Apr 29, 2024

During the second day of the GTBank Food and Drinks Festival, American chef Gale Gand shared her culinary journey with attendees, highlighting her newfound affection for Nigerian potato-and-beans pottage.

Chef Gale Gand, renowned for her culinary prowess and authorship of 8 cookbooks, expressed her fascination with Nigerian cuisine during a masterclass session. As she engaged in interviews, Chef Gand revealed her eagerness to explore various continental cuisines, noting that they often inspire innovative ideas for her culinary creations.

While praising the rich flavors of Nigerian potato-and-beans pottage, Chef Gand offered constructive feedback on the sauce levels commonly found in Nigerian dishes. She acknowledged the diversity in sauce usage across tribes, regions, and continents but emphasized her preference for the distinct taste of Nigerian cuisine.

Gale Gand, co-founder and partner at the Michelin two-star restaurant Tru in Chicago, is widely recognized for her contributions to the culinary world. Apart from her successful stint as a pastry chef and her hosting of the Food Network’s show “Sweet Dreams,” Chef Gand has collaborated with culinary icons like Julia Child and has been honored with two James Beard Awards.

Her culinary expertise extends beyond the kitchen, as she conducts cooking classes across the United States and crafts artisanal soda pop, including her nationally acclaimed Gale’s Root Beer. With a distinguished career that includes induction into the American Academy of Chefs and the Chicago Chefs Hall of Fame, Chef Gand continues to captivate audiences worldwide with her culinary prowess and unwavering passion for food exploration.

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