AHSOSA’89 Tasks Government On Retirement Management, Entrepreneurship And Cancer Awareness


Alakoto High School Old Students Association (AHSOSA) Class of ’89 meet annually to review their philanthropy mandate, bring topical issues to the front burner and make recommendations to government at various levels.

This year in Conjunction with the Migrant Resource Centre of Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, Lagos, 1989 Alumni of Alakoto High School, Tolu Schools Complex, Lagos held a one day workshop on Retirement Management, Entrepreneurship and Cervical, Breast and Prostrate Cancer awareness.

In his opening remarks, the Alumni President, Barrister Frederick Ntido who is also the Principal Partner of Threshing Floor Law Firm, stated that the reason for this year’s workshop was to provide strategic orientation on issues bordering on managing life pre and post retirement era.

He emphasized the increasing need for Nigerians to take entrepreneurship more seriously as white collar jobs are fast running out of the reach of the teeming graduates from Nigerian institutions while at the same time stressing the numerous health challenges of the present times.

Mathew Odunayo, Principal Consultant of Apex Associates in the keynote address analyzed the gloom many Nigerians go through after retirement.

He therefore counseled those in active service to be strategic about their retirement plan.

Odunayo took his listeners through the paths of Retirement Saving Accounts management, numerous investment channels and the need to start “side hustles” while in service.

Life Plux Foundation International were on ground to open multiple vistas for would-be entrepreneurs. Participants were taking on a grandeur intellectual tour of Agricultural and Non-agricultural businesses they can dive into with support from specialists from Life Plux.

The beautiful Ebere Tim-Anikpe from Optimal Cancer Care Centre left no stone unturned in driving home the need for individuals and governments at all levels to give proper attention to the scourge of cervical, breast and prostate cancer.

The Health practitioner called on the government to launch awareness campaigns on breast and cervical cancer and also go the extra mile in providing and subsidizing cancer vaccines as it’s done in other countries.

To cap up the day’s activity, officials from LASG Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperative, Alausa inaugurated the AHSOSA’89 Multiple Purpose Cooperative Society, a channel the Alumni intend to utilize in encouraging members to save and make wise investments.

The new executive members of the Cooperative are Mrs Ifeoma Ezekwu, Mr. Bousougha Youdouwei, Mr. Kenneth Edeh, Ms. Justina Ilontuman and Evang. Ezekiel Ighomuaye.